The Single Best Place In The World
To Live Overseas?

For Decades, I Insisted No Such Place Existed…
Then I Discovered…

Portugal is a land of superlatives boasting arguably the best beaches in Europe…

The best weather, the best golf, and, thanks to decades as an expat hot spot, the most welcoming locals in Europe.

Rentals are remarkably affordable, and coastal real estate in Portugal is a bargain… you could buy your new home on the Continent, minutes from the beach, for less than US$150,000…

2023 Live And Invest
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April 12–14, 2023

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  • Live and Invest in Portugal Conference
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  • Along with the professionals who work here and the expats who live here. You’ll get a comprehensive, in-depth view of Portugal that outsiders, tourists, and snowbirds simply don’t know about.
  • You’ll leave with the knowledge, support, and confidence you need to make important decisions about your future in Portugal.

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Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

This welcoming country’s coast looks and feels like the flawless beaches and dramatic coastlines of the French Riviera…

The #1 most frequently asked question I’ve received over the more than 30 years that I’ve been covering the live and invest overseas beat has been this one:

Where is the best place in the world to live?

For decades, my response was the same…

“I have no idea,” I’d explain…

Because, I’d continue, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all overseas haven… no one place that’s ideal for everyone.

Only you can identify the destination that’s best for you, I’d say to everyone who asked.

Then, eight years ago, I traveled to a corner of the world where I’d never been before… to a place I’d somehow overlooked in decades of travel… even though I’d been just next-door many times.

This place is beautiful, affordable, welcoming, friendly, and safe.

It serves up 3,300 hours of sunshine annually and a mild climate year-round.

It boasts some of the world’s best beaches… and best golf courses…

Plus one of the world’s best cities that nobody talks about.

This is a place with a long and interesting history where you can indulge any interest you could imagine… from boating, diving, and hiking to regular nights out at the theater and museum and gallery afternoons…

The architecture is as stunning as its beaches…

The infrastructure is top-notch. This is not the developing world.

The health care is world-class… and a fraction the cost of care in North America. Become a resident, and it’s free (no kidding).

English is widely spoken. You would not have to learn a new language if you didn’t want to.

Residency is easy and cheap… for anyone of any age.

Legal residents can enjoy special tax benefits… property can be an absolute bargain… both to buy and to rent…

Indeed, the cost of everything here is better than affordable… as good as it gets for bona-fide First World living…

Now, Finally, I Have
An Answer To The Question…

Where Is The Best Place
In The World To Live…

It’s one of the world’s best-kept secrets… a place that will captivate you… and also allow you to preserve your nest egg.

This is the best of the Old World… with history, culture, vineyards, mouthwatering cuisine… all the makings of very good living.

Where in the world am I talking about?

Portugal Is #1

That’s a distinction not easily earned.

As you may know, every year my editorial team and I rate all of our well-researched, tantalizing, life-changing overseas living destinations on 13 specific criteria.

While all our featured destinations manage to ace at least several of the categories, it’s uncommon for one haven to earn top scores across the board.

But that’s what Portugal did… for seven years in a row through 2022…

In fact, this country is several top retirement and lifestyle havens all rolled into one… from its gorgeous Algarve region and treasure of a capital city to its northwestern coastal towns and dazzling Douro River Valley and vineyards.

This country is an eye-candy explosion across over 1,800 kilometers of ocean shoreline, fruit orchards, world-class golf courses, and museum-class cities…

Offering a lifestyle that only feels expensive… with…

  • Sizzling real estate bargains for living or investing—or both—that will have friends back home packing to follow your lead…
  • Affordable, simple gourmet food and wine—rivalling Europe’s finest—as direct from the earth and sea as it gets…
  • A home where you can barely remember the last time you had to turn on a heater or air conditioner…
  • Simple and easy residency procedures and easy access to Europe…
  • Head-shaking disbelief at the Old World charm all around you…
  • World-class health care whenever you need it… and without worrying about the cost…
  • Open arms—and hearts—to expats…
  • Affordable trendsetting lifestyle options for seniors… like nothing else available anywhere in the world…

It’s Your Overseas Retirement Wish
List Coming To Life Before Your Eyes…

Super Affordable: You can enjoy the best of the World’s #1 Retirement Haven with as little as US$1,500 per month…

We pride ourselves on being straight with our readers.

When we tell you about life in some appealing corner of the world, we give you the full story—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We call it our “warts-and-all” approach.

The better we’ve gotten to know Portugal over the past seven years, the more we like it. Honestly, this is one time when the “warts” have proven few indeed.

Really… you might be hard pressed to come up with a reason not to make this move. I know we have been.

And my team and I are not alone in recognizing the potential of this little David taking on all the Goliaths of global retirement havens…

International publications rank Portugal at or near the top of the world’s best travel and retirement destinations.

Named as Travel+Liesure’s Destination of the Year, part of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Top Countries lists, ranked highly in multiple InterNations Expat Insider surveys, as well as one of Fodor’s Go List destinations, Portugal—specifically the Algarve—has recently emerged to reach much-deserved celebrity status.

In fact… even actual celebrities are clamoring to get in on the action. Madonna purchased a home in the Algarve in 2017 and is living there part-time with her children, her son attending the local, famed soccer academy, much to the excitement of locals.

Huffington Post called it “the country everybody will be visiting,” and it seems they were spot on. The word’s definitely out—on all fronts.

And now it’s time for a “road map” for how to get there… which is exactly what my team and I—with our usual overseas-haven exuberance—have been working on…

Indeed, there’s no time to lose on this one…

So I’m writing to you today about how you can quickly get your foot in the door—and not miss out on…

A Rare Opportunity Right Now…
For A Fast-Track To Affordable
Quality Living

In The First World

You could, of course, just put this thought on the back burner…

But I believe that would be a mistake.

A healthy, full course Mediterranean-style meal for a couple will set you back but US$25…

You owe it to yourself to take a good, up-close look at all this charming, welcoming, safe, sun-filled, affordable corner of Europe has to offer.

When you do, you won’t be alone.

Europeans and North Americans are quickly catching on to this conveniently located paradise—with a cost of living that’s up to 30% less than the rest of Western Europe!

What’s more, thanks to the tens of thousands of British expats who have retired to Portugal over the years, this is one of the easiest places to settle in Europe. The locals wholeheartedly welcome foreign retirees, and you can get by easily on speaking English alone.

It’s everything you’re looking for in an overseas retirement haven…

AND the lowest prices you’ll likely ever see for this standard of living.

No wonder it’s being called Europe’s best-kept secret. But not for long…

Not with a growing number of its visitors coming back—to stay.

I simply can’t let you miss out on this one.

But, whatever you do, you must be prepared before you spend a single penny or minute here…

You Need To Hear From The Experts—
And You Need The Truth, Warts And All…

You can’t determine whether or not Portugal makes sense for you as a place until you hear from those who have gone before you…

Until you get the real-deal, honest feedback without the marketing hype.

Better yet, instead of being told everything, you’ll want to ask your own questions so that you get not only the right information, but the relevant advice as well.

You don’t want to run around from banker to attorney… from developer to owner… from agent to broker… from tax advisor to insurance salesman… from visa specialist to customs agent… back to the banker… back to the attorney…

You don’t want to stand in lines… struggle with cultural differences… wait hours for appointments with the wrong people…

You don’t want to wonder if you’re getting a good price… if you’re being presented with all the options…

No, there’s no reason at all to subject yourself to that torture.

Especially when you have a far superior alternative… presenting:

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 Thanks for providing a great experience and introducing Portugal. All the work it takes to put on an event like this is appreciated.  You are professionals at doing this.


–Colleen McConnell, United States


Experience It Live…
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Your registration today gets you more than just access to the event, our experts, and all of their insights…

We’ll be recording everything—every data sheet, every checklist, every discussion, every panel debate, and every bit of information.;

We’ll edit, organize, and package it all into a high-definition video program that you can download or access online whenever and from wherever you want…

We’ll even add in some e-books for quick and easy reference.

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 The absolute finest conference I ever attended (and that number is in the hundreds). Topics were great. Presenters were wonderful. Your staff was outstanding.


–Bob Seligman, United States

Have All Your Questions Answered

Attend this 2023 Live And Invest In Portugal Conference and have every one of your Portugal questions answered…

And by people who know from firsthand experience what they’re talking about…   

  • What are the downsides of living in Portugal?
  • What’s the best way to move money to Europe and into the euro currency?
  • What are the benefits of the Golden Visa residency program? What’s required to qualify?
  • How can an expat buy into the local free health care system?
  • Drugs are legal in Portugal—is that safe?
  • What would life here really be like… in the Algarve region, in big cities like Lisbon and Porto, in the vineyard region?
  • Is there a developed expat community to look to for support?
  • What’s required to open a bank account?
  • Where does it make sense today to buy for investment?
  • How much to build a home?
  • Where are the best beaches in the country?
  • Can I really get the things I need? I mean… how would I live without Walmart and Home Depot?

Every question you have—if there’s an answer for it, we can give it to you.

Portugal’s top experts will be on hand to discuss it all…

 I enjoyed this seminar very much. I don’t know how you got so many knowledgeable people in one place. It exceeded all my expectations.


–V.R., United States

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Terry And Ann’s Amazing Seaside
Retirement In Cascais

Terry O’Halloran
Full-Time Portugal Expat

“About a year ago, my wife and I made the leap to Portugal.

“Maybe we were a little crazy, but we haven’t looked back and we couldn’t be happier.

“We’d lived in Hawaii for 40 years, and my wife Ann had just retired from her career as an emergency room nurse. It was time for our next phase in life, and we wanted to make the most of it. We’d saved enough, but we didn’t want to just settle into a “comfortable” retirement. We wanted new, different, and exciting.

“Both of us are active and healthy, and we love traveling. We thought a simpler life, where less could be more, sounded very appealing.

“We knew our criteria for the right place for us. A mild climate was important, as was living near the ocean, good health care, safe environment, interesting culture and history, good food, and a reasonable cost of living and of establishing residency. We were also looking for a place where we could get by speaking English.

“We learned that Portugal had it all.

“We decided that we wanted to be near Lisbon, at least initially, and found a beautiful, fully furnished, two-bedroom apartment in Costa da Caparica, with an ocean view and just a short walk to the beach, just outside Lisbon south of the Rio Tejo.

“After three months, when the lease on our initial rental was expiring, we decided to move closer to Lisbon and settled into an apartment with an ocean view in Caxias, midway between downtown Lisbon and Cascais.

“It was a small community with quiet neighborhoods and friendly people. Next door was a large house with lots of trees and shrubs. Living on that property was one of the most beautiful peacocks we’d ever seen. Each morning we watched him stretch his feathers and prance around. You never know what you’ll find in Portuguese neighborhoods!

“Caxias turned out to be too quiet for us. With only a couple of small neighborhood grocery stores, we frequently took the train to Cascais for supplies. It didn’t take long to realize that we’d be much happier in Cascais… meaning it was time to move again.

The buildings along the waterside are painted and well maintained, making it a popular place for street photographers.

“Cascais seemed to have everything we were looking for, and we loved that it is just a 40-minute train ride to the center of Lisbon. Now this has become our favorite apartment and place in this country. Now we feel like we’re home. We love Cascais.

“There’s so much to see and do here that we feel like we are only beginning to discover the true nature of Cascais and its surrounding areas. Our favorite discovery so far has been the enormous Cascais market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with fishmongers, bakers, butcher shops, and the freshest seasonal produce you can find at prices easy on the wallet. This is a happening place with a strong sense of community.

“Cascais is also spectacularly beautiful with clean ocean waters, a rugged coastline, white sandy beaches, stone buildings, cobblestone sidewalks, and several parks. When the sun or moon rises over the bay, you can feel the romance in the air. My wife and I feel like we’re falling in love all over again. Our favorite pastime is strolling along the bay holding hands.

Intra-city transportation in Lisbon is easy, besides the tube network, Trams have been part of the city since 1901.

“Magnificent Lisbon is on our doorstep. This city reminds us of San Francisco with its red 25th of April suspension bridge, trams (cable cars), and steep, narrow streets. We’ve traveled to Lisbon for concerts, a bullfight, and great dinners out. Recently we found a Chinese restaurant that serves respectable Peking duck and an excellent Italian restaurant perched on a cliff over the ocean. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

“We’ve always felt safe in Portugal, including walking the streets of Lisbon after midnight. Never have we felt threatened. We could just be lucky, but we think it’s more than that. This is a truly safe place and a great place to raise a family. Kids and dogs are everywhere, at all times of day and night. And we are so enjoying being able to get out and be part of it all.

“Are we happy with our move? No question.

“We’re here to stay… and still smiling every day at our audacious move and our unknown future.”

Terry O’Halloran
Full-Time Portugal Expat

I especially appreciated the nuts and bolts, especially the cost of living, the financial considerations and strategies, and the businesses that you showcased were interesting and enticing.


–Barbara Leicht, United States

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A Truly Magical Corner Of Europe

What exactly is it that thousands of expats there have taken a chance on—and now can’t live without?In short… just about everything.Picture yourself waking up every day in a setting and lifestyle that feel like the best vacation you ever took or even imagined.

You can’t explain why, but you feel energized yet relaxed, pampered and serene yet eager to engage with life and people around you. Occasionally, you can’t help but stop to scan the inviting coves, vineyards, Roman castles, and nature trails around you. And you close your eyes to let your other senses take in the salt air, the fresh bread, the orange blossoms—a world unlike anything you’ve known. And you feel… at home.

This is that place… where people come and don’t want to leave.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the variety of landscapes and seascapes… of historical and cultural influences… of local and cosmopolitan flavor… of nature—any way you choose to enjoy it?

And, what’s more, it’s all at your disposal in…

The World’s Most Stable Climate—
With Over 300 Days Of Sunshine A Year

That’s right. More sunshine than anywhere else in Europe.

The Algarve is situated to take the absolute best advantage of currents and temperatures from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. Talk about Mother Nature’s prize-winning recipe for a climate that’s as close to perfection as it gets.

This region enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world and 3,300 hours of sunshine per year, meaning more sunny days than almost anywhere else in Europe…

Sitting in the shade or putting on a sweater will feel good on some days, but those are likely the biggest weather worries you’ll face there.

No rainy season… or hurricane season… or snow season… or scorching-hot season.

There’s just weather that makes you smile the moment you open your eyes every morning.

Perfect for coffee and oven-fresh rolls on your balcony—overlooking a river, the ocean, cobblestone streets, or groves of orange trees.

And also perfect for heading out the door to connect with nature and the relaxed yet vibrant buzz of other happy people around you. This is the way it is…

If All These Folks Could Do It,
You Can Do It Too!

Who else will you meet at our Live And Invest In Portugal Conference?

What is your dream in Portugal? Let us help you realize it…

Others just like you who’ve already made the move:

Expats already living, investing, or doing business in this country.

In fact, these introductions alone are worth the price of admission. They could be the most important benefit of the entire event.

These people have no agenda. They’ve agreed to participate in the event for no reason other than they’d like to help out fellow expats considering following in their footsteps. They receive nothing in return… have no ties to anyone (including me or Live and Invest Overseas)… and are hindered by no conflict of interest.

Our only request of them is that they tell it like it is. What you hear from these Portugal expats won’t be all good. Maybe it won’t even be mostly good. But it will be the real deal.

No place is perfect, and we understand that a rose-colored view does you no favors…

No place is perfect—you’ll learn the good and the bad (warts and all!)…

There’s a reason these folks are in Portugal. They’re fans, but they’re not fools. They know the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of day-to-day life and of trying to do day-to-day business in this place. They’re enjoying the advantages… and they know how to manage to the downsides.

An important part of our agenda during this event is to show you these downsides… so you can decide whether you can live with them, too.

To this end, our expat speakers will be there to tell you about life in Portugal as it really is…

This event truly is a one-of-a-kind experience…

And we guarantee it’ll save you time, hassle, and money down the road…

Reserve My Place

We were on the fence about whether or not to move to Portugal. At first, we thought it would be nice to have a second home there, with our primary residence in the US, perhaps Oregon. But the information you guys and all your colleagues presented made it clear to us that we’re just going to bail out of the US altogether. We’re just fed up with all of it, and the Algarve is just too appealing to deny.


–W. Stiles, United States

My name is Kathleen Peddicord. For more than 23 years, I was Editor and Publisher of International Living. In 2007, I took a break… and launched Live and Invest Overseas and the free Overseas Opportunity Letter. At the same time, my husband, Lief Simon (the overseas investment part of the Live and Invest equation) and I moved family, business, and pets from Paris to Panama. (Previous moves were from the United States to Ireland and later to France.)

In other words, I’ve been covering this beat, researching, writing, speaking, and presenting on the opportunities for living, retiring, and investing overseas, for more than three decades.

I have traveled to more than 75 countries, invested in real estate in 23, established businesses in 7, and renovated historic properties in 6.

I’ve written numerous books, including “How To Retire Overseas” and “Buying Real Estate Overseas For Cash Flow (And A Better Life) published by Penguin Randomhouse and John Wiley Publishing respectively. I’ve also appeared many dozens of times on television and radio (everything from Bloomberg and CNBC to Fox and the Regis Philbin Show).

It’s with that experience and all entire global network, that I confidently offer you this truly rare overseas retirement opportunity. At the Live And Invest In Portugal Conference, we’ll whisk you across the ocean to discover a quality, affordable lifestyle in a truly enchanting setting.

Useful and informative presentations that answer questions I had and even those I didn’t know to ask.


–Janet Miller, United States

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Where The Atlantic Feels
Like The Mediterranean

In just about every way you can imagine, the Algarve looks and feels much more like the flawless beaches and dramatic coastlines of the French Riviera, Dubrovnik, Santorini, and Majorca than it does any other stretch of coastline along any part of the Atlantic—anywhere.   

It’s as if the Algarve never took note of—or took seriously—which side of the Straits of Gibraltar it had been assigned to.

Or maybe it was the locals’ belief in Fado… the traditional acceptance of divine will: “It is what it is.”

Though, the balmy climate couldn’t have been too hard a pill to swallow.

In any case—and lucky for retirement-haven seekers like you and me—it’s likely partly its location that’s kept the Algarve’s gifts a secret for so long.

Laid-Back Landscapes And Lifestyle

Breathe deep, relax, and reinvent life on your own terms—one day at a time—enjoying the treasures that both nature and civilization have to offer.

It’s hard to say what’s most breathtaking to behold throughout the Algarve—the blue-green waters, natural grottos, windswept dunes, ocher cliffs, piney hills, and tidal pools… or the citrus and nut tree orchards… or the serene hills overlooking it all.

Fortunately… you don’t have to choose. You can enjoy any or all of those wonders of nature… by car, bicycle, foot, sail, paddle, swimming, or surfboard…

Or by just watching the sun set over them—wine glass in hand—as fishing boats return and beachcombers harvest shellfish along the shore.

Unique Historical And Cultural Twists

Spend time exploring 16th Century castles…

You’ll find Portugal’s footprints of civilization—structures, landmarks, and artisan products—just as impressive as the natural ones. But, even more, they are reminders of a rich and blended past and present…

From the Enchanted Mouros—folkloric giants, warriors, maidens, and elves who lived underground while protecting the sites and people above… to the ancient Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Crusaders… to a modern European identity.

From white-washed and blue-trimmed cubist-looking fishing villages with spacious roof terraces that used to be for drying figs and almonds and collecting water… to the same terraces that today are the perfect place to take in the panoramas, sounds, and smells of dawn and dusk—or any time in-between.

From the cobblestone streets—some like narrow alleys—with their unique cone-shaped and filigreed chimneys… to all the wicker and especially the terra cotta and painted ceramic tiles—azulejos—some still handmade as they were in Roman times.

From stone bridges and castles to eco-friendly luxury hotels and villas and world-class golf courses.

From open markets where time seems to have stood still to designer boutiques and Michelin-star restaurants.

And—speaking of food and traditions—what better place to step into…

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A Mediterranean Diet—Without
Even Trying…

Eating for a healthy body and mind couldn’t be any easier than it is in the Algarve. Algarvians lead the Portuguese in eating more fish and other seafood per capita than other Europeans. Add the locally grown grains, vegetables (including olives), fruits (including wine!), and outdoor activity—that just comes naturally—and you might just blissfully eat your way into a long and healthy life there.

The Mediterranean Diet features foods eaten in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.

The benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet reinforce the benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, high-fiber breads, whole grains, and healthy fats.

For your heart and body, a Mediterranean-style diet may:

  • Prevent heart disease.
  • Lower the risk of a heart attack.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Prevent metabolic syndrome.

For your brain, a Mediterranean-style diet
might help prevent:

  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia
  • Depression
  • Parkinson’s disease

–National Cancer Institute, May 2013

Imagine yourself seated in a scenic cliff-perched seaside restaurant, feasting on a shrimp or tuna lunch, with salad and wine for about US$25 for a couple.

Or how about giant grilled sardines sprinkled with coarse salt and washed down with vinho verde—Portugal’s well-known green wine. So many ways that healthy eating just comes naturally—and inexpensively—in the Algarve.

Of course, you can have it both ways… and also indulge in the region’s abundant and equally tasty meat, dairy, and sweets. Enjoy specialties such as mouthwatering suckling pig, roast lamb, and carob tart—without breaking the bank.

And enjoying food is only part of the adventure of life in Portugal. You’ll also be quite impressed with what’s…

All In A Day’s Play In Paradise

Here you can enjoy the best the Old World to has offer, from medieval towns and fishing villages to some of Europe’s best sandy beaches…

In a perfect climate like the Algarve’s…

Everyone is an outdoor person—even those who weren’t before moving there. You’re drawn outdoors… with no shortage of options for enjoying it.

The ocean, rivers, and marinas offer an endless variety of water sports and other diversions.

Beaches abound—sandy, rocky, long open stretches, isolated coves—even some that you descend a long stairway to access. As a matter of fact, a surprising number of the Algarve’s beaches can be found on Europe’s esteemed Blue Flag beach list.

But they’re not the only places to enjoy the ocean views.

The Algarve’s dramatic cliffs—especially those at the extreme southwest corner of Portugal (and Europe, for that matter)—are an excellent vantage point to watch daredevil surfers, or to study the same horizon Columbus once nervously eyed, or just to simply be mesmerized.

And if you turn your gaze inland, lush groves of fruit trees and tranquil hill country are only a short drive away… where a ride or hike reminds you of how tranquil and simple life can be. And why not pick some almonds, figs, and carobs while you’re at it?

Even the fishing villages and cities themselves are entertaining… for relaxing strolls, enjoying the abundance of open-air cafés and restaurants, ancient and modern landmarks, and artisan treasures. The summer adds frequent festivals and celebrations to the mix—as well as free outdoor classical and jazz concerts and strolling groups of Charolas sharing folkloric music.

And Then There’s Golf—
800 Holes’ Worth

One of the other hats the Algarve wears is that of Europe’s top golf destination. But, you know… the 42+ golf courses dotting the approximate 100-mile length of the Algarve should probably come with a warning—because their spectacular panoramic views may pose serious distractions to your game.

Reserve My Place

Conference exceeded my expectations—a lot of specific info on the Algarve, but also Portugal as a whole.


–Alan Voce, Canada

As Sunny, Enjoyable, And Affordable
As Europe Gets

We don’t usually look to Europe for our most budget-friendly retirement havens. And our budget destinations don’t generally include every single item on an overseas-haven seeker’s wish list.

But Portugal breaks those rules—and more… as a prime overseas retirement haven. When you look at the overall cost of living there, Portugal is truly a quality lifestyle bargain—whether you’re buying or renting… living simply or even more lavishly.

A Welcome Mat—
More Than 100 Miles Long

By now, you’re maybe already picturing yourself enjoying all the nature, diversions, and lifestyle the Algarve has to offer as a new home or second home… But is there also a part of you wondering about the details and logistics of the actual move and of actually living there? Wondering if that great lifestyle is actually more complicated to slip into than it seems?

Well, not to worry…

The news just keeps getting better, the better you get to know this remarkable lifestyle haven…

No move overseas comes without challenges, but Portugal has really stepped up to the plate in that regard…

Easy Residency… Save Your Energy
For Scenic Strolls

You can begin your adventure by checking out Portugal for up to 90 days—with no visa required for U.S. citizens.

When you decide you’d like to stick around longer (as we strongly suspect you just might), you’ll be delighted to know that Portugal offers a variety of avenues for obtaining residency… including one so simple and affordable we didn’t believe it at first.

When our advisors on the ground told us about just how easy it can be for someone to establish residency in this country, we were skeptical. Now, though, we know many who’ve done it… and who can attest from firsthand experience just how no-hassle and low-cost the process can be.

Safety First…
Unless Daredevil Surfing Is
On Your To-Do List

Outdoor activities come naturally to everyone in the Algarve…

Savor the relaxation in your reinvented life in Portugal, knowing that this country ranks as the 6th Safest Country in the World on the Global Peace Index. No organized crime, no radical groups, and—in contrast to roadway congestion and road rage most everywhere else in the world—very few traffic accidents.

In fact, you might want to tell family and friends to join you—instead of worrying about you.

Expat Ecstasy…
In The Algarve Tradition…

A presence of some 100,000 resident expats in the Algarve pretty well says it all when it comes to its expat-friendliness in this country. This haven simply has too much to offer to pass it up—mostly because the Portuguese love sharing what they have… and love making everyone feel welcome.

Portugal is home to a very large English-speaking expat population… you could retire here and easily get by without having to learn another language…

Indeed, the Portuguese have been ranked the world’s seventh most welcoming people out of 140 countries surveyed by the World Economic Forum.

English being spoken just about everywhere in the Algarve is a great start. But the warm welcome goes far beyond that…

The locals are very tolerant of religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity. They seem to thrive on it… almost as if they’re celebrating a reverse immigration of their ancestors who sailed away to far reaches of the globe 500 years ago.

Oh, and by the way, the locals aren’t alone in their friendliness. The comradery among expats who’ve already settled here is an added bonus and means invaluable support for those now making the move.

As for attention to basic needs beyond all those nice personal touches… you can’t help but notice the significant and ongoing infrastructure investment now in high gear in this country. Government and the business community continue to take the ongoing improvement of utilities, communications, and transportation very seriously as the country’s position on the world stage continues to expand.

Reserve My Place

 Jam-packed with information and real estate stats… Wonderful to have new and multinational options. Thank you!


—Barbara Petrohan, Colombia and Portugal

Much Ado About… Everything

No other retirement haven hits it out of the park like this one.

The Live And Invest In Portugal Conference is the guide you need to getting you where you want to go…

All of your questions will be answered with the information and insight provided by my team of experts on the ground.

You’ll soon see how Portugal managed to steal the show in our Overseas Retirement Index for seven years in a row, and why we say it’s the absolute best place in the world to live.

You may start packing your things once you see some of the properties that are available for rent and for purchase in this most affordable place in Europe to live the Euro-lifestyle—and in a setting the rest of Europe just can’t match.

Choose a studio, one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment, or spacious villa. Select from views of historic buildings and cobblestone, rivers, ocean beaches, cliffs, trees or whole orchards, rolling hills, or world-class golf courses. For those with the time and perseverance to build, there are numerous beautifully situated rural properties for sale. Otherwise, make existing homes yours for prices like the ones in these listings:

  • A three-bedroom, two-bath apartment with large balconies, 100 meters from the beach for US$130,000…
  • A one-bedroom apartment close to town and beaches for a mere US$72,500 (and—by the way—no property tax for up to 6 years on primary residency homes less than US$135,000)…
  • One-bedroom cottages in a very popular area for as little as US$160,000…
  • A three-bedroom villa with various amenities and a sea view listed at US$240,000…
Whether to own or to rent, you’ll be floored by just how many affordable homes, including the luxurious ones, will fit into your budget…

Often new residents in overseas havens want more time to think about what and where they ultimately want to purchase. Portugal offers numerous long- and short-term rentals—like these…

  • A four-bedroom, four-bath villa with pool and panoramic views for US$76 per night ($2,300 per month)…
  • A new and modern two-bedroom beachfront condo with sea view for US$181 per week ($780 per month)…
  • A lovely traditional one-bedroom apartment with a sea view, fireplace, and private garden, located near the old town center and beach for US$31 per night ($930 per month)…

Whether you’re looking to purchase or to rent, the large selection of affordable homes—while they last—is impressive. Together with Portugal’s reasonable cost of living—relative to the rest of Europe—and the relaxing and quality lifestyle… it’s easy to see why we think you’ll fall in love with Portugal, too.

And there’s still an ace in her hand I haven’t mentioned…

Trendsetting One-Of-A-Kind
Senior-Living Projects For The 55+

There are two pioneering projects in the Algarve that are setting new standards in the retirement-living sector.

For one thing these projects add another very competitive rental option… at only 798 euros per month for retirees who qualify. But best of all are the many innovations they include to meet the evolving lifestyle needs of retirees.

For example—maximizing the natural benefits and impact of the climate and setting. These forward-thinking Portuguese entrepreneurs have created in the Algarve a senior lifestyle that few places in the world could duplicate… even if they threw themselves behind such a development the way the Algarve has.

And there’s yet another treasured lifestyle gem. One that not only supports the senior-living initiatives and commitment… but that also provides peace of mind to everyone who chooses to make this little corner of paradise their home…

Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy Health Care

It stands to reason…

The Portuguese were the first to make accurate world maps and large-scale aerodynamic sailing ships… and, with them, to navigate their way around the globe… before others had even hoisted their sails.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they continue to be forerunners in doing whatever needs to be done to make life better. Both their unique senior-living vision and initiatives… and their whole health care system are prime examples of their foresight in the areas of health and well-being.

This beautiful country has made quality retirement living a priority, with low cost health care, senior living developments, and a flat 10% tax on retirement income…

It’s exactly why Portugal is a popular health tourism destination—from specialized surgery to elsewhere-exorbitant hearing-aid repairs. The care is modern, humane, and personalized, and the costs are reasonable—by global standards—for such quality care.

Just about everyone living in Portugal has access to free or low-cost, universal health care—depending on their residency status. Even without health insurance, the costs are reasonable for those who are not yet full residents.

The innovation continues here as the medical community, for example, capitalizes on the therapeutic value of the warm, dry climate—in both pre-op prep and post-op convalescence. Just another way that the Algarve seems to have been designed with all aspects of the ideal lifestyle in mind.

What else could a retirement haven possibly offer?

Well, actually…

The Keys To The Kingdom—
Europe At Your Doorstep…
And The Door’s Wide Open

At home in Portugal, you are within easy driving and flying distance of all Europe.

Imagine weekend getaways to Paris, London, Milan, or the Swiss Alps. Take in the Tour de France, the Grand Prix, Oktoberfest, festivals of all kinds, the Eiffel Tower, Venetian gondolas, museums, concerts, exhibits—or whatever parts of Old World charm and history you feel drawn to.

But it’s not just geographic access that Portugal offers…

After five years as a long-term resident, you may travel without visa restrictions throughout the EU. After the sixth year you may apply for citizenship.

And there’s also the fast track to residence—Portugal’s Golden Visa… immediately enabling visa-free travel throughout the EU.

So you see… the home awaiting you in Portugal is also your ticket to making traveling and living in Europe as effortless as domestic travel and moving is within the United States.

What a retirement gift to yourself Portugal would be—and one that would keep on giving as you never imagined possible.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Barbara’s New Life In The Algarve—
“I’ve Never Been This Happy”

Barbara Petrohan
Portugal Expat

“For me and the Algarve, it was love at first sight.

“The ocean has always been magic to this girl who grew up in Kansas, but the Algarve coast is the most magical I’ve seen anywhere. With its massive rock formations, it’s like something out of a science fiction movie… like something from beyond our world.

“I’ve based myself in Lagos. This medieval town on the ocean has been a daily charmer with dazzling views of the ocean, dawn and dusk, as well as interesting city views, all of which I enjoy every day from my balcony.

“Lagos is a small enough town that I can walk to everything I need and want, easily striking up conversations with others also out walking as well as with the shop keepers, who I have found mostly speak English. It is just so much fun for me to walk around this city. I never get tired of the cobblestoned streets and the old buildings with their decorative doors.

“Saturday mornings are farmers’ market days. I load up on vegetables and then visit the bread lady, Virginia, before trolleying my goodies home.

“I found my trolley at the Chinese store that has everything imaginable. This gets filled with produce at the farmers’ market, fish from the fish market, and wine and port.

“With my trolley I’ve also brought home herb plants. My balcony herb garden has basil, mint, oregano, thyme, sage, Italian parsley, French tarragon, and dill plants. Every dedicated cook needs a little herb garden like this one.

“When I was shopping for my herb plants the kindly gentleman watched when I was having trouble locating what I was looking for and then made a search for what he thought was the best plant to substitute. No words, just good will.

“The smiling person behind the counter at the fish market or the grocery store will clean your just-caught-that-day fish completely, including the gills, if you but ask. They will also tell you how to prepare it and pack it in ice for the trip home.

“The bread lady, Virginia, who speaks at least three languages, is solely responsible for my no weight loss despite all the exercise I am getting here. She wraps each loaf in plastic and ties it up with raffia, then inserts fresh-cut flowers or herbs into the package. Her breads and rolls are made with love and passion.

“When I walk to the town square to sit and listen to the musician of the day, it has become my regular pleasure to buy a small bag of hot, roasted chestnuts. These come from the north of Portugal, and I buy them from a smiling, charming young man who will tell you all about them.

“I’ve been living here now for a little more than two months, and, not counting the food carts and ice cream, I have yet to eat out. I am finding so much enjoyment in cooking the fresh food available and talking with the folks about new ways to prepare things.

“This is such a healthy place—the air is healthy… the food is healthy… the people are healthy, happy, friendly, and peaceful.

“My new friend Bruno manages a chain of wine and port stores here in the Algarve. It’s a family business that includes a vineyard. He and his staff are educating me, down to telling me what time of day the grapes are picked for each wine. They usually have about six different bottles of port to taste, including port from the turn of the century (that is, 1900).

“Each day I’m making new discoveries, and this adventure is showing me that this is what life is all about.

“And it has all come together so much more easily than I even hoped.

“I honestly cannot remember when I have been this happy.”

Barbara Petrohan
Portugal Expat

The information provides enabled us to evaluate the possibility of moving to Portugal for a portion of the year and obtaining permanent residency.


–Gloria Martin, United States

Access To This One-Of-A-Kind Event Is
Currently Available At The Lowest Rate Possible…

The 2023 Live And Invest In Portugal Conference is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get to know Portugal in a way that’s simply not possible by any other means. Expats will be there to show and tell you what life is really like in this beautiful, welcoming, safe, and affordable country. And experts will be on hand to inform and reassure—and to guide you to whatever next steps might be right for you.

Based on past experience, I can assure you that this will be an action-oriented conference… and that some attendees will begin the visa process during the event… or open financial accounts… or even buy a home.

The full list price of this year’s only Live and Invest in Portugal event will be US$1,095 per person and only US$1,595 for two. (Yes, if you come with a spouse, friend or associate, the second person attends for less than half-price.)

But I want to provide the incentive you need to keep you from missing out on this extraordinary opportunity to discover your dream home in the World’s Best Retirement Haven. That’s why…

If you sign up now, you qualify for the Early Bird discount. This will slash the cost of admission to just US$895 for one person, and only US$1,195 for two. In other words, your guest attend for only US$300.

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In addition, you may be eligible for an even better discount:

  • Subscribers of Portugal Letter, Overseas Living Letter, Global Property Advisor, and Simon Letter will get a US$50..
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  • And, of course, All Access Pass members get 100% free access…

* Please note that you cannot combine any of the discounts above.

In order to receive your savings, look for the special link on the registration page that corresponds to your discount…

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Step #1 Check What’s Included
In Your Registration

  • The Live and Invest in Portugal Conference is the best and most cost-effective way to learn how to start your new life here…

    Admission to all presentations

  • Complete access to the restricted exhibit area
  • Expert personal consultations
  • Formal and informal Q&A sessions, breakouts, and workshops
  • Introductions to reliable real estate sources, business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal resources
  • Access to attendee-only (optional) pre-conference and post-conference real estate tours
  • Access to optional cultural, craft, and sightseeing tours
  • Coffee breaks and snacks
  • Welcome cocktail reception and all sponsored events
  • Seminar materials, notebooks, and handouts
  • Downloads of all conference presentations after the event is over
  • A complete set of professionally produced conference recordings

That’s what awaits you in April.

Now you’re just minutes away from the first step to reinventing your life in the World’s Best Retirement Haven for 2023. Reserve your spot today…

Reserve your seat today by contacting our conference coordinators by email, or by calling them at 1-888-627-8834. They’ll have you booked and ready to go in minutes. If you’d prefer, you can use our convenient Online Registration Form.

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Registration Discount:

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This the easiest and best way to help you consider, design, and follow through on the plan and strategy that suits you best in Portugal.

Right now, you’ll have to take my word for it…

However, if, after attending our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference, you don’t agree—no problem…

Like everything we publish, it comes with our No-Hassle, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
We’ll refund your money 100% if you ask before the end of the first day.

Likewise, there is no cancellation fee prior to the event’s start.

As you can see, the risk is all mine… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

Fill out the form below to begin… it takes less than a minute…

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Did the readers I’ve helped find their spot abroad have their down days?

Of course they did…

One past attendee told me recently that she had the mother of all meltdowns after she and her husband packed up all their boxes and were getting ready to sell their beloved Illinois home. But, the next morning she picked herself up and followed through with her move…

“The best thing about our new life now is that we have no alarm clocks. We take our time in the morning and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I’ll do some writing in the afternoon and exercise in the evening. There is no routine—and it’s wonderful.”

You’ll never know how wonderful your life could be unless you go and see…

And what about those readers who decided Portugal was not for them after all?

I’ve heard from several, and not a single one regretted the experience. In fact, many of these folks told me the only regret was not doing it sooner, when they were younger and healthier.

This event is the kick in the pants you need…

I urge you to give yourself the best start—sooner than later and in the best company—during my Live And Invest In Portugal Conference.

I hope to see you there.


Kathleen Peddicord SignatureKathleen Peddicord
Founding Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas™

P.S. Portugal is more than just affordable, safe, and easy…

Here, in one of the sunniest countries in Europe, you’ll never lack for activities…

You can enjoy the best the Old World has to offer, from medieval towns and fishing villages to open-air markets, local wine, and some of Europe’s best sandy beaches.

This is a land of cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses with lace-patterned chimneys surrounded by fig, olive, almond, and carob trees.

Our 2023 Live And Invest In Portugal Conference will show you how to take advantage of everything on offer in this charming and affordable expat haven.

For hotel details, travel suggestions, and cancellation information, click here.

Or get in touch to ask your questions—reach us by email here, or by phone, toll-free from North America, at 1-888-627-8834.

 The level of experience, knowledge, and competence is top-shelf. Primarily, I appreciated the sincere and honest approach of the organizers and all the presenters, as well as the obvious desire to give participants complete, accurate, timely, and appropriate information and to answer questions thoroughly.


Andrew F., United States

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P.P.S. This is the only event of its kind to help you consider, compare, and contrast your options in Portugal…

We’re going to help you develop an actionable plan so you can follow through on your move in as little as 12 months or sooner.

Most important, we’ll introduce you to our trusted contacts who can support you through every step of your journey…. both during and after the event.

This is your best shot at finding the life you want in Portugal…

I urge you to take it.

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Where will the event be held?

Our Live And Invest In Portugal Conference will be held at the Tivoli Carvoeiro Beach Resort and Golf Hotel, located on a cliff top overlooking Vale Covo in the picturesque Algarve region.

We have negotiated special room rates for attendees of the event. To take advantage of these special rates, reservations must be made through Live and Invest Overseas. Contact us at or dial toll free from the U.S. 1-888-627-8834 to make your reservation.

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We must receive any cancellation of your conference registration in writing. Please send an email immediately if you have to cancel for any reason.

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