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Protect What’s Yours… Pay Less Tax… Make A Profit… And Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime…

We’ve done it… thousands before you have done it.

And now you can do it, too.

  • Drastically reduce your tax obligations or even live tax-free…
  • Develop an iron-clad defense against future litigation, frivolous lawsuits, or divorce actions…
  • Learn and access the world’s best havens for bank privacy and legal offshore structures…
  • Discover the 5 easiest places to obtain residency, often without even having to live there…
  • Grow your wealth through at least 7 fully vetted, unique international investment opportunities that we’ve identified…
  • Learn the value of holding certain key assets offshore, those that can be legally non-reportable to the IRS…
  • Discover 6 easy ways to diversify safely outside the U.S. dollar and the euro… to realize a truly diversified portfolio…
  • Rediscover real privacy, the kind that existed in the United States 50 years ago…
  • And much more…

This timely and one-of-a-kind resource includes audio recordings and presentations given by the experts who represent the gold standard in today’s offshore asset protection world

With the Wealth Building and Diversification Kit, you’ll not only be handed a comprehensive roadmap to the offshore world… you’ll also get the help you need to build your own personal plan, tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle desires.

If you act now, you still have options… and big opportunities to profit abroad.


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This is the best resource you’re going to find available anywhere to help you design and follow through on the offshore plan and strategy that suits you best. The expert advice you’ll hear is second-to-none. We guarantee it. If you don’t agree or if you are disappointed in any way with the information, insights, recommendations, and discoveries shared in our Wealth Building and Diversification Kit, simply say so. Your full purchase price will be refunded, no questions asked.

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Here’s everything that’s included in your
Wealth Building and Diversification Kit:

  • All 35 audio recordings and slide shows from our recent Offshore Wealth Summit (a $560 value)…

Please note that, because this is an electronic publication, we are able to update regularly and often. Every time we do, for one year from the date of your purchase, we will send you the revised, edited, or expanded edition at no additional charge. When you buy today, you are guaranteeing yourself one full year of up-to-date information.

Special Discount: $329
Full Price: $560


What Our Customers Are Saying

“All presentations were very informative with information not really available to general public. All Q+A sessions were very informative.”

Rick Walker, United States

“Seminars were fantastic. Excellent introduction to the concepts.”

R.N United States

“The seminar met my expectations. It covered the asset protection and structuring questions I wanted to address.“

Dallas Powell, Canada

“Lief does a great job and has a wealth of information. It’s great to learn from someone who has done what we all want to do and can pass along that information.”

Dean Marietta, United States

“I greatly appreciated and immensely enjoyed the humor of many speakers. Finance can get intense. But several speakers did an excellent job making
light of dry subjects.”

Lori Campbell, United States

“Fantastic information. We’re going away with the information we need to make intelligent decisions about our business/personal /estate planning
for the future.”

Chris Barrick, United States


This is the best resource you’re going to find available anywhere to help you design and follow through on the offshore plan and strategy that suits you best. Right now, you’ll have to take my word for it. However, if, after taking a look at our new Wealth Building and Diversification Kit, you don’t agree… no problem. Like everything we publish, it comes with our no-hassle money-back guarantee. We’ll refund your money 100% no questions asked… if that’s what you want.


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