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Dear Wealth Building and Diversification Kit Buyer,

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This is your chance to benefit from the insider and expert insights and recommendations that were shared, discussed, and debated over the three days of our Offshore Wealth Summit.

Your Wealth Building and Diversification Kit is the complete collection of every presentation (we got them all on tape) and every slide show from our timely and all-important event.

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Finally, we missed you for this event, but we look forward to seeing you next time. To that end, we’ve also included as part of your Wealth Building and Diversification Kit a special Conference Voucher good for US$100 off the cost of registration for any future Live and Invest Overseas conference. This coupon never expires. Use it anytime.

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Harry Kalashian
Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. As you’ll soon learn in the 2018 Wealth Building and Diversification Kit, it is more important than ever before in our history to be diversified internationally.

As such, a perfect complement to your 2018 Wealth Building and Diversification Kit is our Simon Letter Global Intelligence Service.

A few years ago, we launched Simon Letter to help folks like you determine your own path to international diversification. Already, many thousands of readers have acted on that invitation. With Managing Editor Lief Simon’s help, these readers have taken control of their lives, their investments, and their futures.

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  • How to earn US$208,200 per year completely tax-free (and legally)…
  • How to prepare for and protect against the crash of the dollar and the euro…
  • How to set up an oft-overlooked but exceedingly important component of any effective estate plan…
  • The best places in the world right now to open an offshore bank account (along with key introductions)…
  • The particulars of a limited-time opportunity to rectify any past tax miscues with the IRS…
  • How to obtain a second passport in less than a year (plus, which popular second passports are not worth the hassle)…
  • Three jurisdictions that are sheltered from global crisis and ripe with opportunity for you and your money…
  • The single most important first step you can take to protect yourself in the current climate…
  • And much more…

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