Dear Live and Invest Overseas Reader,

Let me tell you something you already know—America is outrageously expensive.

You pay way over the odds for gas... for health insurance... for groceries... for medication... to catch a
movie... to grab a beer—for pretty much everything.

And that's to say nothing of the chunk of tax the government claims out of every dollar that passes through your hands. 

Let's call a spade a spade here—you're getting ripped off.

It's no joke—the prices normal Joes are being forced to pay just to get by is taking a terrible toll on their lives.

There are people out there on decent incomes who can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads.

People working three jobs and still not being able to afford to save a dime at the end of the month.

And what about pensioners? Folks who have worked all their lives... People who have been putting a little money aside for decades in the hope that they would at least get to retire in some comfort...

Well, that comfortable retirement is turning into a pipe dream for many.

These days, retirees who have earned the right to enjoy the fruits of a life of work are lucky if they can put food on their plates and heat their homes come winter.

The way I see it, that is just not right.

But that's just the reality of life in today's over-priced America—if you're not one of the lucky few pulling down the best part of a six-figure income, you're facing a struggle. Even to secure the basics for you and your family...

Between profiteering by big companies and eye-watering taxation by big government, money just doesn't go as far as it should here.

Everything is just too damned expensive.

Call me a skeptic, but I don't see things getting any better any time soon.

We both know that prices are only going to go in one direction—and that direction isn't down.

And as prices climb, the standard of living for the average American is going to keep dropping.

It's quite clear—to rescue some quality of life, real change has to be made.

But here's the good news...

You're a Live and Invest Overseas reader. So you've already got one eye on the solution...

You already know that millions of Americans are living exciting, fulfilling lives overseas… in places where their money can go five times further than it ever could in the U.S.

You already know that top class health care can be yours for a fraction of what
you pay now.

You already know there are places where eating out is the norm rather than a rare treat.

And because you know all this, you're ahead of the pack.

Just How Far Could Your Money Go?

According to figures from the Social Security Administration, the average payout for a single retired worker is $1,181 per month. Add to that the average spousal benefit, and it comes to $1,764.

What does that get you in the U.S.? Not much.

If you can feed and house you and your family on $1,764 a month, then you have some serious budgeting skills.

Even for those with bigger incomes… the working poor... the pressed middle classes... the retirees… luxuries are out of the question.

Things such as vacations... meals out... the ability to save... in over-priced America?

Forget about it.

I'm sorry, but for me, that's not a life—that's an existence.

But here's the thing.

In the place I'm going to tell you about, $1,764 isn't the kind of money you just “get by” on.

In this place, a $1,764 monthly Social Security check is a king’s ransom.

A Life Of Real Luxury

It's enough to cover high grade accommodation with a sea view... regular meals out... massages every other day... even a maid to clean your home for you.

It sounds incredible, but I've been there and seen it for myself.

I've seen men and women of all ages—folks like you—living the high life on a low budget.

Armed with even a Social Security income, you suddenly become the rich guy.

And guess what?

If you're lucky enough to have a little more to live off than just Social Security—maybe some savings, a pension, or some side income—then a star-standard life of opulence awaits...

The place I'm talking about—the place where luxury comes at a price you can afford—is Asia.

The Ultimate Low-Cost High-Life Location

I know what you’re thinking... moving overseas will cost a lot of money.

Frankly speaking, you’re wrong.

In fact, the opposite is true. Americans are on the move in huge numbers right now precisely because it saves them money.

Healthcare... accommodation... real estate... food... entertainment... you name it… You can find it far cheaper in Asia.

And this fascinating, exotic continent has a lot more to recommend than just low prices.

From its electrifying mega-cities down to the chains of deserted tropical islands, there is something here for every taste.

There are enchanting mountain towns where locals still marvel at the face of a foreigner... awe-inspiring temples that glisten gold in the sunlight... and a myriad of tantalizing foods just begging to be discovered.

Asia is on the rise. Its buoyant economies are super-charging the world and helping to drag the U.S. and Old Europe out of recession...

As soon as you step off a plane here, Asia will have the same effect on you.

Its young population is ambitious and outward looking... You can feel the energy and momentum. It's infectious. It can breathe new life into you.

You're probably wondering, “If you like it so much, why haven't you ever lived there?”

Well, I have.

My Own Story

Let me tell you about my experience...

A few years ago, I decided I'd had enough.

I was sick and tired of paying over the odds for
everything. I was done with seeing my paycheck
evaporating before I'd had a chance to buy myself as
much as a couple of beers or a new shirt.

I just couldn't shake the feeling that the whole system
was rigged—that no matter how hard I worked,
I was never going to get to where I wanted to be.

The high life would always be out of reach.

But it wasn't just the prices that made me want a change.
I got tired of the routine. That same nine-to-five... eating the same old food... going to the same old places... and seeing the same old faces.

I'm sure you know what I mean... The drudgery of everyday life can leave you wanting to break away… to go in search of something better.

So I made a decision: I was getting off the hamster wheel. I was going to get up and go after what I wanted.

I found a low-paying internship with a company in Thailand online, and before I knew it, I lived in the bustling, high-tempo capital, Bangkok.

How low was my paycheck? Well, let me put it this way… It was a lot lower than the Social Security payments we just spoke about.

Feeling The FearAnd Doing It Anyway

To be honest, I was concerned at first. Honestly, I was terrified. I couldn't believe it would be possible to get by on that intern's pay I was going to get.

And I had no safety net—I didn't know anyone there.

Then there was the language barrier. I mean, I didn't speak a word of Thai. How would I get by?

I worried too that I wouldn't be able to make friends, and that I'd wind up being alone. I mean, Asia is half-way around the world, right?

But as scary as it was, the idea of staying home and living out my days on that soul-destroying hamster wheel scared me far more.

So I did it. I went. And let me tell you—it was the best decision I ever made.

I quickly met new people and made new friends—both local and expats.

I experienced a new culture, tried new foods, hung out at unimaginably beautiful beaches, and traveled to other countries around the region.

I wound up learning a few words of Thai, but because English was so widely spoken by the locals, I rarely got to use any of it.

And as for my money worries?

I had a neat little apartment close to my work, and I ate out pretty much every day.

I had enough to go for a few beers at the weekend with my co-workers and other expats I met. I had enough to grab a massage a couple of times a week if I felt like it.

I never could have imagined it when I was back home slaving away just to cover my bills, but I even had a maid who came by to clean my place every week.

My worries and concerns just melted away. I couldn't believe how easy that big scary move turned out to be.

A Tough Place To Leave

These days, work puts me on the road a lot, but I always make time for Asia. I've spent three of the last seven months in my favorite continent between one trip and another.

I've been back to Thailand twice in the last year, but I've also stopped by Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

No matter how many times I visit, I always have the same thought when I get home.

Every time I return home to cold weather... high prices... and glum faces, I'm left thinking, “What is everyone still doing here?”

Why don't more people make that move?

I mean, when there's a better life on offer for a lower price, it makes sense, right?

The only conclusion I can come to is this: People just don't know how good their life could be.

And that's why I'm speaking to you today. That's why I'm telling you about the kind of life you can have there.

It's Time To Claim
Your Fair Share Of Life's Luxuries

I grew up a working class kid. It gave me, let's say, a certain outlook on life.

(Some might say it gave me a chip on my shoulder, but anyway!)...

When I was growing up I used to look around at the lucky few and wonder, “When do I get some of that?”

When would I get the fancy restaurants... the boat trips... the freedom to travel?

Well, as it turned out, I got my share when I moved to Asia. But I still hold that same view—everyone has the right to expect a little luxury in life...

Even those of a modest budget. And especially those who've worked hard their whole damned lives.

If I can, I want to help people like you to smash that hamster wheel.

I want to show you how to claim the same kind of cut-priced new life of travel and excitement I did.

So keep reading... I'm about to reveal how you can fast track your plans for a glamorous new life in Asia.

But first, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine. Originally from Ireland, Chris now lives in Bangkok with his charming Thai girlfriend.

Now in his mid-30s, Chris has been living in Asia for over a decade—and he has no intention of going home any time soon...

Meet Chris—An Expat in Asia

Chris Clancy
Expat in Asia

"About eleven years ago I traveled to Thailand for a vacation… And I immediately fell in love with the place. The food, the culture, the beaches, the friendliness of the people… but most of all, the weather.

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles.” I think the Thais are so happy because every morning when they wake up they see the sun shining through their windows. I decided there and then that I wouldn’t be going home.

A lot of the Westerners living in Thailand teach English, so it was the obvious career choice for me. I thought, “If everyone else can do it, why can’t I?”

I quickly found work in a secondary school. I was a bit nervous at first, but I soon found my feet. Thai students are always really happy.

I teach 16 periods per week, so I still have a lot of downtime during the day to take long lunches, hang out in the park, or just go for a walk. Bangkok is a high-tempo, exciting city. It's impossible to get bored here.

It’s easy to make friends too, and I’ve made a lot of good ones. The Thais are just about the friendliest people on the planet, and because most of the expats arrived here alone and had to start out making friends from scratch, we all look out for new people and make sure to include them.

Right now, I spend my Saturdays in a local university because I’m studying for my Bachelor’s Degree. Study here is inexpensive. My salary might not look much by Western standards, but it easily pays for my apartment, the scooter I get around on, lots of meals out, and for my university course. It’s a comfortable lifestyle.

On Sundays, my day off, I normally go to my local gym, the cinema, or hang out with friends. Everything is cheaper here. I often stop off for a massage on my way home—an hour with a qualified, skilled masseuse costs about $6."

A Key Perk Of Life In Asia: Affordable Travel

"Being an English teacher means I get three months’ paid vacation per year. It gives me the time to explore other parts of Thailand. I’ve been all around the south islands in the Andaman Sea and in the Gulf of Thailand, and I’ve headed up north to the picturesque second city of Chiang Mai and the rural heartlands of Pai and Mae Hong Son.

I’ve also visited some of Thailand’s neighbors during my time off. Countries like Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia are right on my doorstep. It's incredibly cheap: Thailand’s low-cost carriers can fly you to many of these countries from Bangkok for less than $150 round-trip."

The Cost Of Living: Luxuries For Less

"The salaries schools pay here are easily enough to get by on comfortably, with plenty of treats and some left over to save. If you are a good teacher, students will often ask you to tutor them at the weekend. I’ve tried this from time-to-time, but these days I prefer to skip it—I enjoy my free time.

I've been in Thailand for nine years now and I've no plans to move home anytime soon. I love being able to plan a trip to the beach knowing it won’t rain that day.

If you’re thinking about moving to Asia and adopting the lifestyle that comes with it, my advice would be that you should stop thinking—and just do it."

So what's next? How do you get started with embarking on a new life in this low-cost overseas haven?

It can seem pretty daunting taking on a move like this one. But there's an incredibly simple, straightforward solution.

It's the same one you use when you run into anything else you're not quite sure about.

What I mean is this: What do you do when you need your car fixed? What do you do when your plumbing acts up? What do you do when you need some dental work done?

You call in the experts.

Unrivaled Know-How

We here at Live and Invest Overseas have a network of overseas living experts on the ground all over the world—Asia included.

These guys know their beat. They've lived overseas and traveled extensively. They have researched the prices, done the ground work, and they know the short-cuts.

They are the savviest Asia experts out there. They've explored this continent from top to bottom.

They've gotten off the well-trampled tourist routes to get a real taste of what these countries are really all about.

They've spoken with expats of all types—the doctors, legal experts, teachers, entrepreneurs, and the overseas retirees.

And they've forged this hard-won, boots-on-the-ground intelligence into a kit called...

Around Asia
On The Trail Of Adventure In The World’s
Most Affordable And Exotic Places To Spend Time

This is everything we got. The ultimate guide to starting your thrill-filled new life in Asia.

It would take many moons and even more dollars for you to pull together this wealth of information together yourself—if it was even possible.

Let's get one thing straight: The Discover Asia Kit doesn't contain the type of tourist info you can read about in a bookstore travel guide.

And you can't just pull intelligence like this off the Internet.

This isn't about telling you how to have a great two-week vacation—it's about putting you on the fast-track to a new life in an exciting, thriving part of the world.

The Discover Asia Kit is about equipping you with the hard facts you need to master the challenges you'll face with a move overseas.

What our people painstakingly research is overseas living.

Here's a sample of what the Discover Asia Kit can fill you in on:

  • Travel: How to get there as cheaply as possible, as well as the fastest and most efficient way of traveling around Asia once you're there.
  • Healthcare: Some parts of Asia have remarkably low-cost healthcare. I'm talking (depending on age and other factors) healthcare insurance from $200—a year. And as for prescription meds… How does paying as little as 10% of what you currently pay in the U.S. for exactly the same medications sound? Plus, you don't even need a prescription. Turn up at the pharmacy and buy what you need on the spot. Our researchers have found where this is a reality.
  • Where to stay: Recommendations on all types of accommodation, from hotels to stay at during your first visit to long-term home rentals. This takes the hassle out of trying to pin down what hotel to stay in when you turn up, and what part of these countries and cities you should be zeroing in on when the time comes for something more long-term. I'm talking furnished studio rentals from $300 per month... and larger, more luxurious apartments around the $400 mark.
  • Real Estate: When to buy, where to buy and what to buy. Our ace team has come up with some phenomenal real estate bargains—we're talking, in some cases, properties for less than $100,000. Buying overseas can be a complicated process and the laws can be difficult to navigate. Our team, however, will steer you in the right direction.
  • Visa Rules: A full breakdown on getting everything from a quick and easy holiday visa to securing long-term residency and even citizenship. For example, we've found a country with such straight-forward visa regulations that you can turn up and get a one-year visa on arrival, that you can then quickly and easily renew for another 12 months when it runs out.
  • English Fluency: Where it is and isn't commonly spoken. Where you can get by comfortably with your own language, and where to avoid unless you fancy dusting off the phrasebook.
  • Contacts: A full Rolodex of helpful connections—from doctors to drivers and from solicitors to estate agents.
  • Etiquette: How to make sure you fit right in with the locals.

We Skip The Sugarcoating

Embarking on a high-grade new life in an exotic part of the world is fun and exciting—but there are real challenges involved...

But, again, it doesn't come without challenges—and we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't highlight them.

There are language barrier issues in some (although by no means all) parts of Asia. Some countries have simple, easy visa regulations, but others don't. And while experiencing a new culture is a fun adventure for some people, for other folks change and difference can be a little bit too much.

In short, the Discover Asia Kit will give it to you straight... warts and all, whether it's what you want to hear, or not!

But that's not all the Discover Asia Kit contains—not by a long shot...

Asia's “Big Six”—
The Best Low-Cost, High-Living Locations
Our experts have visited every corner of this continent, but let's face it, not all parts of Asia are suitable destinations for expats.

So, in the Discover Asia Kit, our experts have boiled their wealth of information down to six hot spots—the half-dozen locations they believe are the absolute best of the best.

These six locations deliver the highest quality of life for the least amount of money.

For each country, our skilled researchers have worked hard to put together complete guides to living or retiring in each of Asia's “Big Six”.

The Discover Asia Kit will give you a flavor of these destinations by introducing you to the history, culture, and way of life in each of the chosen six locations.

But that's not all. Our team also delivers all the practical know-how you need to make an informed decision on which of Asia's treasures you would like to call home.

I've called in an expat contact of mine to tell you about his life in one of these places, Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

This thrilling, up-and-coming destination is, quite simply, the cheapest place I've ever been to.

It also happens to be my favorite city on the planet.

I've been to Phnom Penh six times and counting. If I was retiring overseas, it would be my number one pick.

So let's hear from John Leech, one of the many U.S. expats who call this incredible city home...

John's Story:
“How I Made A Life In Asia”

“I was born in New York and grew up mostly in the Chicago suburbs in the '60s and '70s. It was a very homogenous place to be. There wasn't a lot of diversity around.

I moved to San Francisco as a young man after college and stayed there for 17 years. I worked in a number of jobs after I finished college, but mostly as a musician. I play mostly jazz, but a bit of everything.

I visited Southeast Asia for the first time in 2005 for a vacation, and afterward I had it in the back of my mind that I might like to return long-term… And that's what I did.

To be honest, I was a bit disillusioned with America. Things like the car culture bothered me, and the fact that everything was so expensive.

Then there's the drugs and violence in schools, and I think racism is still a problem in a lot of ways. I didn't have kids at that time, but I didn't like the idea of raising any children I might have in the U.S.

I also disliked the fact that there was no real sense of community—particularly in the cities. People don't know their neighbors. People don't even make eye contact.

I lived in an apartment in California for four or five years and I knew no one there. People were too busy to pass the time of day.

A Life Less Ordinary

“I started teaching in Hanoi. I visited the Provinces and I made some Vietnamese friends. I did some work with a percussion section that was an offshoot of the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra. It landed me on national TV a few times.

I've had an interest in salsa for a long time, and I was surprised to find that it's extremely popular in Vietnam. I became part of the salsa community.

I met my partner, Hong, in late 2008. She became pregnant and we moved to Cambodia. The visa laws were simple and straight forward and the cost of living was extremely low. So it was the obvious choice.

One thing that surprised me was the food. It wasn't what I was used to. I used to eat a lot of fast food, big steaks, and dairy, back home and here. You can get that stuff here, but I chose to cut right back.

I weighed 240lbs when I left the States—and I've lost 60lbs since I got here. As well as eating more healthy food, I also walk everywhere rather than drive.

One concern a lot of people have is that the quality of healthcare here isn't what it is in the States. My wife had our second child here—she had to have a C-section—and there were no problems. She was looked after well.

A Major Perk

“Plus, healthcare here has one huge advantage over hospitals in the U.S.: You can go into the hospital and get an ultrasound, an x-ray, or see a specialist on the same day. In the U.S. you might have had to wait for weeks.

Also, medication is cheap here. I also take a number of medications every day. If you know what you're taking, you can get it from the pharmacy without prescription. There are doctors charging $400 an hour just to write patients' prescriptions back in the U.S.

On top of that, my medications ran to $600-$700 per month at home. Now, for the same medications—all of them—it costs me $32 dollars per month. It's incredible.

In fact, it's extremely inexpensive here. I mean, we pay $35 per month for internet—and there's no long contract you have to buy your way in or out of.

Another big saving is on rent. We pay $250 per month for our apartment, which is split over two floors.

We pay $5 per month for satellite TV. In all, we spend a $25,000 to $30,000 a year living in Phnom Penh. If we were in the U.S., for a comparable lifestyle for our family of four, it would be closer to $80,000 a year.

I like the people. The Khmers are friendly, open-hearted, and very gentle. I like that you don't need a car here, the cost of living, and that people talk to each other.

I love the beaches down south at Sihanoukville—it's like Hawaii. The water is warm and you can swim every day.

I like, too, that living here has meant I've been able to travel. We went to Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore this year. I always wanted to have a bit more diversity in my life—and I've certainly found it.”

And don't forget: Phnom Penh is just one of the top six.

There are five other top locations featured in the Discover Asia Kit. Here's a sneak peak...

Asia’s Best #2: The Mountain City

There's the laid-back second city famed for low prices, a relaxed atmosphere, one of Asia's best markets, and the culture-rich hill tribes that call the jungle-clad mountains it sits among home.

Throw in a growing Western population, unfalteringly friendly locals, and some of the best food on the continent, and it's easy to see why this is a top pick.

Asia’s Best #3: The Pulsating Metropolis

This modern, thriving city is fast becoming one of Asia's most desirable expat hotspots. The capital boasts top notch healthcare and low prices. It's also a regional travel hub, which puts you in cheap-and-easy reach of a mouth-watering selection of other Asian destinations.

This city's diverse, multicultural population gives it an energy that's hard to find elsewhere—and that has to be felt in person to really be understood.

Asia’s Best #4: The Beach-Side City

This place has, quite simply, one of the most alluring strips of sand in the entire region. Towering mountains loom over the bustling city while the tropical waters offshore are dotted with tiny jungle-clad islands. Although this is a modern resort destination with all the ammenities you might expect, its natural beauty remains very much intact.

Asia’s Best #5: The Asia Of Times Past

The quiet capital is the Asia of old. Dotted with buildings from the French colonial era, a stroll through this charming, romantic city is like stepping back in time.

With its vastly underrated food scene and ever-welcoming people, this is a city for expats who want city life with the stress levels dialled right down to zero. Visit and you won't ever want to leave.

Asia’s Best #6: The Place Where Foreign Faces Draw Curious Smiles

This small regional capital is somewhere most Americans have probably never heard of. But if you're an adventure lover, then this will be music to your ears. It means you could be among the first to enjoy its beautiful boulevard and harbor area.

Although this place is an energetic university town, it's a clean, grid-lock free zone.

Nailing Down Your Spend

For key destinations, our Discover Asia Kit includes detailed monthly budgets breaking down what to expect to spend on...

  • Groceries
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Home Help
  • Taxes
  • Internet and TV

And don't forget: Our researchers know their stuff when it comes to real estate. So you can expect a full breakdown of the cost housing—both for sale and for rent—with real-time examples of what's on the market right now.

Make sure to take a good look at these budgets. In some places our team highlights, a couple can live well on as little as $600 to $800 per month if they purchase a home. Couples who choose to rent can still come in well on $1,000 a month.

Put simply, the Discover Asia Kit is your shortcut to a new life in Asia. It will help take your dreams of a new life overseas and fast track them into a reality.

Altogether our new and improved Discover Asia Kit is a collection of 12 complete resources, including:

  • A fully illustrated guide of firsthand experiences and invaluable from-the-scene intelligence from across Asia, "Around Asia—On The Trail Of Adventure In The World’s Most Affordable And Exotic Places To Spend Time" is written by our top experts in Asia right now, including Paul and Vicki Terhorst and Wendy and David Justice (a $19 value)...

  • Asia Wants You! Your Guide To Asia’s Most Retiree-Friendly Shangri-las, a complete guide to residency in the most welcoming Asian havens, comparing and contrasting the pluses and minuses and detailing how to make each of these beautiful and affordable countries your new home (a $19 value)...

  • Six hand-picked Overseas Haven Reports covering Asia’s Best Choices for expats and retirees, covering all of South East Asia’s best to offer…from cool mountain retreats to alluring tropical beaches (a total value of $59.70)...

  • Four special Around Asia Audio Workshops from our most recent live event, covering four destinations in Asia offering absolutely stunning value. Each Around Asia Audio Workshop is 30 minutes for a total of two complete hours of information, insights, and judgments (a total value of $76)...

Altogether the Discover Asia Kit is has a total value of $173.70.

Now… how much would you be prepared to pay for someone to transform your life from one with the same old routine to one of excitement, adventure, and luxury...

$1,000? $10,000? Maybe $100,000?

Can you even put a price on a transformation like that?

Well, if you order right now, you can get the Discover Asia Kit for a very special introductory price of...
wait for it...

Just $48.

And that's it.

No installments. No follow-up payments. Just a single once-off $48 fee and this passport to a new life in Asia is all yours.

That's right. We've slashed the price of the Discover Asia Kit by over 75%... But only if you order right now. Delay, and you're looking at paying our regular list price of $173.70.

Unhappy With The Kit? Just Get A Refund

If after reading the Discover Asia Kit you decide it's not for you, then all you need to do is get in touch, and we will send you back your money. No quibbling, no fuss, no questions asked—just a rock-solid money-back guarantee.

Don't let this life-changing opportunity slip through your fingers. Go here to take advantage of this incredible offer before it's too late.


Rob Carry
For Live and Invest Overseas

P.S. Take my word for it... If you grab this chance with both hands, in a matter of months you could be sipping that sun-downer cocktail wondering why you didn't do this years ago. Grab your copy of the Discover Asia Kit here.

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