2020 Offshore Wealth Virtual Summit

$ 595.00 $ 795.00 for 1 year

2020 Offshore Wealth Virtual Summit

Go offshore.

I’ve done it… thousands of my readers before you have done it.

And now you can do it too:

  • Not only survive, but thrive and build wealth during the upcoming financial and political crises
  • Set up an iron-clad defense against future litigation, frivolous suits, or divorce actions
  • Drastically reduce your tax obligations or even live near-tax-free
  • Learn how to avoid the biggest and costliest tax mistakes… we’ll also show you the IRS forms you need to know to stay compliant when diversifying offshore…
  • Discover the 5 easiest places to obtain offshore residency, often without having to even live there…
  • Get to know the world’s best havens for bank privacy and legal offshore structures…
  • Discover 3 ways to profit from the best international real estate opportunities
  • Learn the value of holding 3 different types of highly-valuable real assets offshore; these are stores of wealth that you do not need to report to the IRS
  • Learn the many benefits of incorporating and doing business offshore
  • Discover 6 easy ways to diversify safely outside the U.S. dollar and Wall Street to obtain a truly diversified portfolio (and never worry about a declining U.S. dollar again)…
  • Rediscover the true privacy that existed in the United States 50 years ago…