2020 Overseas Retirement Index

Live and Invest Overseas has named the world’s top retirement havens. In our Annual Overseas Retirement Index, we identify and score the 14 best places on earth to think about spending your retirement.

Where’s the world’s best place to retire?

There’s no way to answer that question, so we don’t try. Instead, in this survey, we grade each of what we have identified as the world’s 14 best places to think about enjoying this phase of life in each of 15 categories. Together, these 15 categories represent the most important criteria that a would-be retiree should consider when shopping the globe for the best place to hang his hat.

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The Overseas Retirement Index is the definitive ranking of the best places in the world to live or retire overseas right now, compiled with the help of editors, correspondents, and contributors currently on the ground in each destination featured.

Months of research, data collection, and analysis went into preparing this one-of-a-kind survey, which names, rates, and ranks the top retirement havens in the world today.

But rather than trying to strongarm you into thinking that a certain place is perfect for you, the Overseas Retirement Index offers you graded “report cards,” so you can see how a destination stacks up against your wants, wishes, and tastes at your own pace.

In short, it’s a road map to the best places in the world to reinvent you life, chase adventure, and maybe reduce your cost of living dramatically. So find a comfortable chair and settle into our Overseas Retirement Index.

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