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Albrook and Clayton, Panama City, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the areas of Albrook and Clayton, Panama City.

Both Albrook and Clayton originated as part of the Panama Canal Zone. The infrastructure and neighborhoods were built by U.S. engineers to be used by the U.S. armed forces. When the U.S. government turned the Panama Canal over to the Panamanians 10 years ago, Clayton and Albrook came as part of the package. In the decade since, these two communities have developed into quiet, peaceful residential areas with parks, single-family homes, some of the best schools in Panama, and small retail areas. Perfect if you’re relocating with a family but very appealing, too, if you’re just looking for a more suburban experience.

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We understand that living in city-central El Cangrejo, Paitilla, or Marbella, isn’t for everyone. The traffic gridlock, blaring car horns, and endless construction can be hard to take. Maybe you’re looking for a more tranquil place to call home down here in the Hub of the Americas, somewhere that’s both peaceful and quiet and, as well, still supported by the services and amenities of downtown Panama City.

In this case, Clayton and Albrook, two areas only minutes from the city center, are good options.