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Ambergris Caye, Belize | Overseas Haven Report

Belize has much to offer beyond its rain forest interior, including one of the world’s best choices for a new life by the sea, la isla bonita Ambergris Caye.

This small haven in the Caribbean, is surrounded by vibrantly turquoise waters and skirted on its eastern side by the longest barrier and reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Living on Ambergris, you’d wake up to the gentle lapping of waves onto pristine white-sand beaches just outside your window and the faint crash of the ocean in the distance, breaking against the second longest coral reef in the world…

Ambergris Caye’s San Pedro Town is now also a bustling tourist destination with world-class restaurants, great night life, a broad variety of activities and pastimes.

Belize is English-speaking, uses the common law system, has a stable government, and is part of the British Commonwealth and of Caricom (Caribbean Community).

Ambergris is not only one of the best places to think about spending time, but also, right now, a top investment option.  This is a closing window to take a position in advance of all this big-deal infrastructure… which will lead to more tourists, more residents, and higher property values.

Ambergris… a true meeting place of cultures.  She stands somewhat apart from the mainland in her self-expression and lifestyle, and embodies one of those cultures that truly has it all.

On this small island, the passion and vitality of Latin American culture and music can be experienced alongside most of the comforts and business facilities of the Western world, melded all the while with the laid-back and welcoming vibe of the Caribbean.

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Ambergris Caye is the largest of Belize’s 200 or so cayes at 35 miles long.  The caye consists of collections of mangroves, swamps and lagoons, and beaches.  The reef runs up to and touches the island in the northeast at a rocky point.

How you choose to spend your free time on the island is up to you.  Many like to go to the gym or spa, of which there are plenty of options on the island.  Others like to eat out often and are regulars at the bars and clubs.  This is an island whose economy is based on tourism, so there is always a party going on.

Boating, sailing and fishing are fun diversions both day and night, as can be kayaking, scuba diving, or any on-land sports.  You could join a local football (soccer) or volleyball group for fun and exercise.  For the sport spectating enthusiast, sports bars are not hard to find.

The traditional Belizean culture native to Ambergris has been complimented by its uncompromising acceptance of newcomers.  The genuine, community-based attitude of San Pedranos has been well compensated for its willingness to welcome foreigners and allow their own culture to adapt.

The happy result of all this intermingling is cultural vibrancy, enthusiasm, and synergy; the island’s newly arrived children working in conjunction with her strong, island-based family.

Some come just to vacation or all of the year away… others to start businesses… or charities… or families… or to even get dual citizenship and become fully Belizean.  And all residents of Belize can avail of her freedom and low-tax—or even tax-free—benefits.