The Azuero Peninsula: Eastern Azuero, Panama

As Panamanians say, “Azuero es el corazón de Panamá” (“Azuero is the heart of Panama”). It’s appropriate, as this region is the cradle of Panamanian folklore… the lifeline to customs, traditions, festivals, and agriculture.

People are what make the Azuero Peninsula special. Friends, neighbors, and strangers are always greeted warmly, whether getting on or off a bus, walking into a restaurant or store, or even just passing someone on the street.

The Azuero Peninsula areas are famous for their local carnival, their crafts, and other particular culture points. Whatever their specialty, they celebrate it with fanfare at least once a year, and that single weekend may draw more tourists than any other instance throughout the year. Tourism destinations include Parita, Las Minas, Chitré, Pedasí, and Las Tablas.

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The history of this region dates to the pre-Columbian era when indigenous groups inhabited the area. Much of the customs and folklore were passed down from the 17th and 18th centuries when Spanish colonists ruled the region.

Located in the Arco Seco (the dry arch), the peninsula’s environment tends to be drier than the rest of the country. It’s this year-round warm climate that attracts many expats. Here, life is a blend of old and new, dull and exciting, similar and different… Centuries-old traditions that define Panama are clung to while, at the same time, modernization is aspired for.

The Azuero Peninsula is a vast, impressive region. Few know of its miles and miles of gorgeous beaches… some are inaccessible, others are protected, and a few are legendary for surfing.

The international expat community is expanding rapidly and eclectically. Israelis, Dutch, French, Canadians, Chinese, Colombians, Brits, and Americans have all embraced life here and are blazing a trail where few expats had gone before them.

The Azuero Peninsula is for adventure seekers. Lovers of fresh air, sunshine, star gazing, beach bumming, and freedom will enjoy the Azuero lifestyle. Surfers and horseback riders equally enjoy living here. Hikers and loafers both fit into the slow pace of the region.

We’re all one big happy family on this peninsula!