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Boca Chica, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the tranquil town of Boca Chica, Panama.

The town of Boca Chica had for long been just a sleepy fishing port at the end of the road. Sitting at the end of the peninsula, the town overlooks the nearby island of Boca Brava, which protects the port and makes it a perfect place for a fishing expedition. If you’ve heard of this little town already, odds are you’re a sport fisherman—the waters off this coastal town are world-renowned as a sport fisherman’s paradise.

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When told that Boca Chica is off the beaten path, most people are concerned that it’s inaccessible or a primitive location. Neither could be farther from the truth.

Boca Chica is primarily a resort town; no one comes here by accident… If you’re not visiting for a fishing lodge or lux resort, odds are you are living a rural lifestyle.

This coastal Pacific port town offers great ocean views, lush vegetation, and picturesque islands just offshore… some with little more than a few palm trees swaying in the breeze, some well-developed as resort destinations, one preserved as a national park…