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Bogota, Colombia | Overseas Haven Report

Bogotá is one of those cities that isn’t going to click with everyone.

This is a place for people who want the hustle and bustle of a major city with amazing dining options, culture, and something always going on.

You can enjoy the comfortable climate of San Francisco combined with the city lifestyle of New York, but at a fraction of the cost.

Some streets are gritty with vibrant graffiti while others are tree-lined

and polished. Dramatic green mountains line the northern part of the city.

Neighborhoods, like Chapinero, have a Brooklyn vibe where creativity booms

and buildings hide secret hipster cafés, art galleries, and cocktail bars that

you wouldn’t know about unless a local filled you in.


While Bogotá is one of the most expensive cities in Colombia, its culture

and food scenes can’t be beat. This is a destination for people looking to

experience a booming gastronomic scene, live theater, art, fashion, and film



The largest city in Colombia is definitely one of its best-kept secrets.

$ 9.95

Bogotá has a complicated history of conquest, civil wars, violence, and drug lords… This has shaped the city and its people into what they are today.

Bogotá has suffered an unfathomable amount of violence, and as a result, its inhabitants are cautious. Today, Bogotá is being reborn from its violent past. It’s now safer, meaning you can enjoy the lifestyle on offer in this bustling, thriving city.

The booming gastronomic scene is one of my favorite things about living in Bogotá. This city revolves around food… I’m talking row after row of restaurants and entire neighborhoods of hip eateries, from hidden local secrets to world-famous restaurants like Harry Sasson and El Cielo.

Restaurants are usually bustling with people, and you’ll want to make a reservation at any new establishment.

The number of cars has exploded in Bogotá, which has caused major problems with traffic and pollution. It doesn’t help that the city sits within a valley, so if it doesn’t rain for a while, the pollution just sits there.

Fortunately, Bogotá is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Latin America with over 500 kms of bike lanes.

Also, the World Health Organization ranks Colombia 22 out of 191 countries for health care… the highest in Latin America. It even surpassed Canada (ranked 30) and the United States (37).

Most expats and retirees want somewhere hot, tropical, and relaxing to call home—Bogotá is the opposite of that.

In a city of over 8 million people, I rarely run into other foreigners. If you do want to meet other expats in Bogotá, you’ll have to make an effort. But what I love about Colombians is their effort to communicate with non-Spanish speakers.

While Bogotá is not the cheapest option in Colombia, it makes sense for the expat that wants to live in a vibrant city with a comfortable climate and low cost of living compared to major U.S. cities.

If you’re bored in Bogotá, the problem is you. This is a large cosmopolitan city full of festivals, weekly events, new restaurant openings, and more.