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Cádiz And The Costa De La Luz, Spain | Overseas Haven Report

The Costa de la Luz, or the Coast of Light, is an area of southwestern Spain that stretches from Spain’s border with Portugal down to Tarifa, the southernmost point in Europe. Part of Andalucía, the region is famous for the very thing it’s named for: dazzling, always abundant sunshine.

The Costa de la Luz’s centerpiece is Cádiz. One of the oldest cities in Western Europe, you can feel the history and cultural influence of the many civilizations that impacted it over time. But there’s more to the Costa de la Luz than just Cádiz… Along the coast, there’s everything from well-appointed beachfront towns to ancient hilltop villages that can be seen for miles because of their brilliant white-washed buildings.

Across these towns, you find pockets of expats that love the region for its low cost of living, beautiful beaches and pristine nature, and authentic culture. Discover Cádiz and the Costa de la Luz in this Overseas Haven

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