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The Definitive Guide To Carnaval In Panama

The big news in Panama every February is carnaval. This is the biggest party in Panama each year—more eagerly anticipated than Christmas. During the days of carnaval, thousands of people from every corner of the country dance to earsplitting music, while beautiful parade floats and elaborately dressed carnaval queens saunter down every major avenue of the country.

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Here in Panama, carnaval is about the party. The entire country shuts down for a week of nonstop revelry. No business is done, no appointments made. Everything is put on hold until “after carnaval.” While carnaval is a country-wide holiday, not everywhere in the country celebrates in the same way…

This report details all the various carnaval parties taking place across the isthmus so you can decide where to go for an experience tailored to your comfort level. Plus, learn about the history of the religious holiday, the role of the Carnaval Queens, how to stay safe, what to wear, eat, and drink, and much more to help prepare you for this most festive of holidays in Panama!