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Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama

The tiny finger of land that pokes out from Panama City’s southeastern corner and into the Pacific Ocean is San Felipe—better known to most as Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo, or, simply, Casco.

Casco is laid out in grid format like a classic European city. Every few blocks, you’ll find a tree-lined plaza or the spire of a cathedral, all of which casts an Old World charm over the place. At only four avenues wide, the neighborhood is small and compact; a tiny treasure trove of historical structures best explored on foot. But despite all the visual reminders of the past, it’s also constantly evolving…


Most of Panama City’s cultural events are hosted in Casco Viejo. On any given day, you attend a gallery opening, watch a parade, listen to a concert, or stumble upon an impromptu event on the streets. There’s almost always something going on here… The best way to find out about events is to simply wander the streets.

Casco is sought out by tourists from around the world… If the prospect of living in the thick of all the action sounds appealing, Casco is probably for you.

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This is Panama City’s historic district, full of centuries-old cathedrals, buildings with crumbling pastel façades, and narrow, cobblestoned streets. It is—by all accounts— the capital’s most lovely neighborhood.

It boasts boutiques and art galleries, funky cafés and rooftop bars, and a huge range of dining options, from white tablecloth to street food on plastic tables… Some have called it the Soho of Latin America because of this eclectic mix. Casco also has a slightly gritty side… While restoration has nipped and tucked many of its buildings, there are still pockets of dilapidation here and there. The decaying buildings and graffitied walls give the place an exciting edge and attract artists and bohemian types.

Expats are attracted to Casco Viejo by the beauty, culture, entertainment options, and history… Not many places in the world offer the chance to live within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the social center for all of Panama City’s expats, so you’d encounter other foreigners on a daily basis here.

This is Panama’s top neighborhood for tourism, so everything from rent to meals at restaurants to goods and services is more expensive here.

If action is what you’re after or you can at least accept it as part of life here, what you’ll get in exchange is history and beautiful architecture, funky cafés and restaurants, and a vibrant cultural scene, all situated next to the sea…

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