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Cayo, Belize | Overseas Haven Report

Belize’s Cayo District has long held a certain mystique. It draws pioneer-types looking for elbow room; good, honest small-towners… and artists.

These expats have integrated into the friendly local community to organically grow an open-minded identity that celebrates healthy living, art, agriculture, environmental preservation, and diversity.

The area has not been inundated with corporate developers or daiquiri-drinking tourists… it has a feel that can’t be contrived or intentionally created.

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While Belize is a small country (about the size of Massachusetts), it possesses an extremely eclectic ethnic make-up set off by a colorful canvas of culture and history, all coming together in Cayo.

Life here goes back thousands of years: Ancient Maya relics are embedded throughout the vast natural landscape and are an intrinsic part of this burgeoning bohemian community of today, where endless opportunities for healthy living thrive in the laid-back, artsy community.

Over the past 10 years, the area has seen incremental growth in infrastructure, business, cultural arts, and social development. What was once full of sleepy, faraway towns and villages has become the ecotourism epicenter of the country.

Cayo is rich with rivers, caves, mountains, and—of course—Maya ruins. The tourists that visit are adventure-seekers, artists, nature lovers, and well-travelled creative entrepreneurs. More and more expats are recognizing Cayo’s down-to-earth vibe and making the migration to a simpler life.

Whether you plan to relocate full- or part-time, rent, buy, start a business, or simply get off the grid and relax a while; the Cayo District is an unforgettable destination with a genuine community of unpretentious neighbors.

In villages, seeing schoolchildren walking with friends while horses and chickens roam freely is typical. Fathers are away at work and mothers are too busy taking care of business to micromanage their children. Life just flows… The smell of burning brush and fresh, handmade tortillas in the air… and the sound of a Weedwacker or a rooster is somewhere in the distance… Folks are friendly and eager to share their goods and local news.

It doesn’t take long to become a part of the community in Belize. Soon you’ll know the shop owners, farmers, schoolteachers, yoga instructors, artists… and your expat neighbors.

The good ol’ days never looked this tropical.

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