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Panama City’s Coastal Hot Spots

Panama is the S-shaped isthmus bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, meaning it has no shortage of coastline…

Oceanfront properties are available all around, but does it mean that every coastal property in Panama City is desirable? LIOS insider insight reveals Panama City’s costal hot spots—Calidonia, Punta Paitilla, and Punta Pacífica.

Calidonia, the subject of recent city wide infrastructural improvements, is a district of Panama City located along Avenida Balboa, with the Mercado de Mariscos at its westernmost limit. Rough around the edges, but on its way to become a great place to park money for long-term capital gains.

Punta Paitilla is on the coast, meaning prime urban beach space, plus it has some of the oldest condo towers in the city and easy access to the entire city.

In Punta Pacífica, the game is high-rise condominiums. No other neighborhood better represents the sudden and dramatic transformation of Panama City than Punta Pacífica.

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In Calidonia, the high-rises that are emerging are nice, but it is the revival-classical architecture that gives this neighborhood its lasting charm, despite gentrification being far from complete… These were the first neighborhoods that Panama’s old-money families began moving to, circa 1911, in search of more salubrious living conditions outside of Casco Antiguo.

Among the places you can find in Calidonia, the Afro-Antillean Museum is a short walk from the 5 de Mayo metro station. Not far from there, you’ll find the start of the Cinta Costera where, at the Mirador del Pacífico, outdoor events from movie screenings to Christmas concerts take place.

Still, Calidonia is not for everyone… Gentrification is the foregone conclusion, but investing in Calidonia at this time is for visionaries.

Punta Paitilla is a forest of towers surrounded by the Bay of Panama, with a few islands sprinkled on the sea. Parks and leafy streets are built-in features… entering the neighborhood, it won’t take long to notice the change: The traffic noise dissipates, the madness of honking horns and pedestrians passes away, and you find yourself among towering hives of condos.

Punta Paitilla is right beside the Cinta Costera, one of the most beautiful areas in the city, with infrastructure for walking, biking, sports, and ample parking. This neighborhood is not only convenient and user friendly, but it’s also one of the greener parts of Panama City, with a large park overlooking the Bay of Panama.

If you like urban life, want large, roomy, inside space in a safe neighborhood, with walking access to anything you need, you should consider Punta Paitilla.

Finally, Punta Pacífica and its enclave of 28 luxury condominium towers are a sanctuary on the periphery of a rapidly growing tropical urban jungle where residents can live in relative peace from the rest of the wild city.

The relative lack of traffic and on-going construction in the area make Punta Pacífica desirable Panama City real estate. It is close to high-end malls, grocery stores, and even a John’s Hopkins-affiliated hospital. It’s a small wonder why it’s one of the most sought-after residential neighborhood in the city.