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Costa del Este, Panama

Most important cities across the world have one… New York has Battery Park, London has Canary Wharf, and Paris has La Défense.

Panama has Costa del Este.

Panama’s biggest modern-day planned community is no longer merely an office-based, nine-to-five neighborhood equidistant from the airport and downtown. This area now boast shops, bars, restaurants, and a residential side. In fact, it has metamorphosed into a complete lifestyle choice.

This Special Report takes an insider look at this exclusive enclave, from schools and family life to the multinationals headquartered here as well as the bustling food scene and beyond. If you’ve been wondering what the good life is like in one of Panama City’s most well-heeled neighborhoods, this guide has you covered.

It’s simply the best neighborhood in the city for young families…It’s clean, well maintained, safe…and close enough to the city for convenience but far enough removed for peace and quiet.

Costa del Este has excellent schools, parks, and daycare facilities…and all the shopping and services a family would need. Further, mom and dad might not even have to commute downtown everyday since Costa del Este has attracted numerous multinational and Panamanian corporations who’ve set up shop in the neighborhood’s commercial zones.

The cost of living is higher in Costa del Este than anywhere else in the city, but you’d be paying for a lifestyle that others dream about. And with more shops, hotels, restaurants, a new town center, and more corporate offices on the way, we don’t expect the appeal of Costa del Este, the Panamanian Dream, to diminish anytime soon.

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