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Da Lat, Vietnam | Overseas Haven Report

Best known as “Little Paris,” Da Lat is a resort town in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Often shrouded in mist thanks to its altitude, its elevation also means year-round mild weather and pine forests, attracting plenty of expats and tourists seeking cooler climes. The climate also means an abundance of local produce available no matter the month.

Da Lat is Vietnam’s honeymoon capital, often called the Valley of Love, offering flower gardens, swan-shaped paddleboats, a miniature Eiffel Tower, and much more to the romantic at heart. Plus, golf courses for those who like to hit the links.

The city is relatively small (under 400 square kms), allowing you to get around on foot. It’s also considered a safe area, not subject to earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Perhaps the best thing about Da Lat, though, is that it can be enjoyed at an shockingly low cost. Everything from rent to health insurance to a cup of coffee is cheaper than it is back home, and you can live well here on nothing but your pension.

If you’re after peace and tranquility, rest, and relaxation, this might be the place for you.

$ 9.95

Da Lat’s a high-elevation town located in southern Vietnam, about 300 kms northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and 130 kms southwest of coastal Nha Trang. It is the capital of Lam Dong in Vietnam. Da Lat’s rolling topography is full of slopes and valleys and features an abundance of freshwater. The area is so seismically secure, it was chosen as the site of Vietnam’s first nuclear research reactor.

Though mainstream international tourism hasn’t discovered Da Lat yet, the word seems to have gotten out among expats. Many of them settling and doing business there, proving potential for entrepreneurial opportunities to those hoping to retreat and invest. Vietnam, in general, is eager to rise up from the various stages of hardship it’s passed through, and its people are hungry for opportunity and a better standard of living giving hope of more growth to come in the future. While better cooperation between farmers, businesses, and state is still needed, this is step in the right direction. The number of branches transacted daily has already improved, which might incentivize further opening doors to international trade.

Not only is Da Lat inexpensive, the dong is one of the weakest currencies in the world, and the average monthly salary here starts at about US$125 a month.

Once you get to Da Lat, you can get around on foot. The city is relatively small at just under 400 square kms. Walking around is pleasant here, as it’s not too hot, sidewalks are abundant, and the main thoroughfares are embellished with flowering plants. Taxis, motorbikes, and other forms of transportation are also available.

Coffee, strawberries, cabbage, and cauliflower are some of the town’s local produce. Da Lat even has its own wine industry. Vietnam may be famous for having some of the most delicious food on the planet, but Lam Dong is famous for having some of the most delicious food in Vietnam.

Da Lat has several public and private hospitals and clinics You’ll find everything from churches, cathedrals, and abbeys to Zen Buddhist pagodas and Cao Dai temples to name a few. You can also bask in natural beauty or visit lakes, waterfalls, and parks. Being popular as a romantic destination, you can partake in your choice of whimsical activities like renting out a swan-shaped paddleboat or visiting their concrete statues of woodland creatures, and heart-shaped everything meant for young couples to pose in front of. You can pursue a variety of outdoor interests here: hiking, biking, golf, gardening, and more.