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David, Panama

The province is famous for its agricultural production, particularly its cattle. The capital, David, a middle-class town built on farming, feels like a down to earth, straightforward kind of a place.

Big tractors for big farming abound here. If your interest in Panama includes any investment agenda, this part of the country should have your attention.

The City of David is 445.4 kilometer from Panama City––about six hours by car or bus. It’s also about a one-hour drive from the Costa Rica border.

If you’re not up to driving or taking the bus, there are daily flights from the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Panama City to Enrique Malek Airport in David.

Infrastructure in David is equal to Panama City. Electricity, telephone, water, trash pickup are all here.

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the expat-friendly city of David, Panama.

David boasts a busy social calendar. Club David is the Chiriquí equivalent of the Club Union in Panama City, “the” place for business and social events with the right people. Each year, Club David hosts many events for the local community and many events for various charities. Most are open to the public.

In March there’s the Feria International de David (International David Fair). Check out the exhibits, eat the food, and don’t miss the Horse Parade.

Like most areas in Panama, David doesn’t have much of an infrastructure for someone with a disability. To get around using a wheelchair would be nearly impossible. However, there is some progress being made in this area. The progress is slow, but it’s well on its way.

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