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Discover Asia Kit

This is everything we got. The ultimate guide to starting your thrill-filled new life in Asia.

It would take many moons and even more dollars for you to pull together this wealth of information together yourself—if it was even possible.

Let’s get one thing straight: The Discover Asia Kit doesn’t contain the type of tourist info you can read about in a bookstore travel guide. And you can’t just pull intelligence like this off the Internet.

This isn’t about telling you how to have a great two-week vacation—it’s about putting you on the fast-track to a new life in an exciting, thriving part of the world.

The Discover Asia Kit is about equipping you with the hard facts you need to master the challenges you’ll face with a move overseas.

Altogether our new and improved Discover Asia Kit is a collection of 12 complete resources, including:

  • A fully illustrated guide of firsthand experiences and invaluable from-the-scene intelligence from across Asia, “Around Asia—On The Trail Of Adventure In The World’s Most Affordable And Exotic Places To Spend Time” is written by our top experts in Asia right now, including Paul and Vicki Terhorst and Wendy and David Justice (a $19 value)…
  • Asia Wants You! Your Guide To Asia’s Most Retiree-Friendly Shangri-las, a complete guide to residency in the most welcoming Asian havens, comparing and contrasting the pluses and minuses and detailing how to make each of these beautiful and affordable countries your new home (a $19 value)…
  • Six hand-picked Overseas Haven Reports covering Asia’s Best Choices for expats and retirees, covering all of South East Asia’s best to offer…from cool mountain retreats to alluring tropical beaches (a total value of $59.70)…
  • Four special Around Asia Audio Workshops from our most recent live event, covering four destinations in Asia offering absolutely stunning value. Each Around Asia Audio Workshop is 30 minutes for a total of two complete hours of information, insights, and judgments (a total value of $76)…

$ 48.00 $ 174.00

The World’s Cheapest Retirement Havens… Are Also The Most Exotic… Discover Asia, Like Never Before!

Follow some of the world’s most intrepid travelers as they take you on a journey through Asia unlike you’ll find anywhere else. Our editors introduce you in real time, and a very real-world way to the cities, villages, and beaches of this region that we’ve identified as holding out real potential for the adventurer retiree.

Let our correspondents show you how in this brand-new and fully illustrated guide: Around Asia— On The Trail Of Adventure In The World’s Most Affordable And Exotic Places To Spend Time

The Discover Asia Kit collection has just been published in a greatly expanded New Edition that includes six separate Country Retirement Reports introducing you in full detail to our top Asia picks, and a residency report comparing all of Southeast Asia’s best residency programs. Asia’s a big place. Where, specifically, should you focus your attention? These six special-focus guides direct you to the best of this ultra-exotic and super-affordable region.

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