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Durango, Mexico | Overseas Haven Report

Mexico is one of the most expat-populated countries in the world, yet few have heard about Durango—the large, sophisticated city with great weather and a high standard of living. Durango delivers the best of Mexico… the real, unadulterated version beyond the resorts and expat havens.

Despite its lack of recognition, you’ve likely seen Durango on your TV screen without realizing it. Over 140 Hollywood movies have been shot in this Sierra Madre destination, including Westerns that featured the likes of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Kirk Douglas. On top of this, it has clean, well-kept streets… amazing architecture more reminiscent of Europe than Spanish America… newly constructed pedestrian-only areas lined with cafés, shops, and clubs… and a property market that offers astounding value for its worth.

Discover the charming city that Lee Harrison calls his “most exciting personal find of the past few years” in this Overseas Haven Report on Durango, Mexico.

$ 9.95