Easiest (And Best) Second Passports Index

Until you have a second citizenship, you may not appreciate the feeling of freedom it gives you to not have to rely on one country’s government. Essentially, by having multiple nationalities, you’re no longer the property of one government and become a sovereign individual instead.

Most indices rank countries based on their power and travel access. Interesting, maybe, but typically useless to the average American because the average North American has no way to obtain those nationalities.

We’ve taken a different approach to other such indices. Ours doesn’t list every passport in the world by visa-free travel as that’s relatively pointless for you as a reader. Instead, our Index is meant to point you in the direction of countries you may have not considered before and that are more accessible than you’d have thought.

Discover more in Simon Letter’s first-ever Easiest (And Best) Second Passports Index.

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