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Eastern Algarve, Portugal | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven report we explore East Algarve.

Because of the huge increase in tourism in Portugal, standard popular areas are getting crowded and expensive. Hence, the attention on this part of Portugal’s world-famous Algarve region. European expats have been moving here in droves, especially the British, and now an increasing American influx is being felt. This means an active, English-speaking expat community to plug into along with the lower cost of living, great weather, and outdoor activities on offer.

Eastern Algarve is perfect for those with a love of nature and the outdoors. The warm weather and laid-back life near the sea harkens to a slower time spent with friends and family enjoying the sunshine and outdoors. The pace is yours and can be dialed up or down as you like. If you’re ready to savor moments in the sun… discover a healthier lifestyle and food… find a safe place with an emphasis on family and friends… live a first-world life at third-world prices… make a good investment with the benefit of an EU passport… and do it all without a language barrier to start… you’ll find many options await you in eastern Algarve.

$ 9.95