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El Cangrejo, Panama City, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you one of the most fun and eccentric neighborhoods in Panama City; El Cangrejo.

El Cangrejo’s mix of people from all over the world offers an interesting mix of cultures. Many regard El Cangrejo as Panama City’s most lively and expat-friendly area. The neighborhood is walkable and offers an abundance of tree-lined streets under which to grab some shade and perhaps a bite to eat. If you are interested in living in Panama City, this is one of the first places we recommend you look.

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Living in El Cangrejo you’ll run into American businesspeople, Chinese shop-owners, Panamanian students, French backpackers, Colombian expats. With the wide range of amenities and social offerings within easy walking distance, El Cangrejo’s average cost of living isn’t the cheapest in Panama, but it also isn’t the most expensive. Depending on circumstances, a couple could expect to live comfortably for around US$1,200–US$2,400. If you’re willing to pinch a penny, you could get by here solo on as little as US$500.

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