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El Valle, Panama: One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Panama

El Valle has so many great things going for it. Because of its elevation (600 m above sea level), it has a year-round mild and mostly cool climate. Arguably best of all is that this is a great walking town. You don’t really need a car, although you may find yourself wishing for one in the rainy season.

In a sense, El Valle epitomizes Panamanian culture. It’s laid back, the national cuisine is very basic, and it’s a town that revels in the celebrations of the holiday season.

El Valle is a popular expat destination among retirees. Is it a great place to raise a family? In some respects, perhaps it is. However, local schools do not cater to international students, and the closest international school is about an hour away in Gorgona.

Getting to know your neighbors in El Valle is easy. Locals and expats are very friendly. Social activity is driven by church groups, volunteer activities, hiking, bird watching, expat happy hours, community fairs, and more…

El Valle de Antón is a lush valley of biodiversity. It is situated in a 3.7-miles-wide caldera of an inactive volcano. It’s without a doubt one of Panama’s biggest tourist and vacation destinations. Urban dwellers come here to relax, expats come here for the vida mas tranquila (quieter life), and tourists come for its many natural attractions.

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