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France Starter Kit

Our France Starter Kit is your ultimate resource for reinventing your new life in this culture-rich European country.

France is one of the best places in the world to seek out what qualifies as a rich and full life. The history, the food, the shopping, the dining, the architecture, the art, the gardens, the parks…Plus the world’s best health care, best infrastructure, most beautiful (and romantic) city…

This is a country of superlatives offering what qualifies, for many, as the good life defined. The best part is that it can all be far more affordable than you might imagine.

$ 79.00 $ 138.00

The France Starter Kit is a comprehensive collection of our top resources on the country, including our Live and Invest in France Manual. This large report details every aspect of importance and interest to the would-be expat or retiree in this country, prepared by Euro-Correspondent Lucy Culpepper. Lucy, a France expat herself, has spent months researching this comprehensive guide to life in her adopted homeland…(Retail Value: US$79)

Also included:

  • Special Overseas Haven Report on Occitanie, France, the “other” south of France, one of this country’s least discovered but most expat-friendly and affordable areas (a US$9.95 value)…
  • Special Overseas Haven Report on Paris, one of Kathleen Peddicord’s favorite parts of the world, Paris. It’s a location that’s not low cost, for sure, but once you get stuck into Parisian living, (and you’ve survived the sticker-shock of the cost of renting or buying) it’s not as expensive as you may think. (a US$9.95 value)…
  • Special Overseas Haven Report on Morbihan, France, a province in south-central Brittany that should be on everyone’s to-visit list. It’s an inviting mix of sandy beaches and rocky coastlines, with beautiful islands, an alluring gulf, and enchanting forests. It is also a seafood-lover’s heaven, world renowned for its oyster production. (a US$9.95 value)…
  • Lief Simon’s special report, “The French Leaseback—A Guaranteed Yield From Your Pied-a-Terre In France”… This special report is unavailable on its own and was published originally for members of Lief’s Global Property Advisor
  • “44 Things You Must Know Before You Relocate, Retire, Or Invest Offshore”…the nuts-and-bolts support you need for making any international move with confidence. This handbook shows you the secret to cheap international health insurance…your best options for shipping your personal belongings overseas…how to meet people in your new country, even before you move…the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep in touch with friends and family back home…and much, much more… (Retail Value: US$29)

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