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Gozo, Malta | Overseas Haven Report

Gozo is an extremely picturesque little rock in the middle of the Mediterranean where you can enjoy beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, inexpensive property, and an interesting local culture, all steeped in a rich historical ambiance…

Gozo is a steppingstone between North Africa and Southern Europe… Its first known inhabitants arrived in 5000 B.C., and since then, it’s been invaded by everyone from the Phoenicians to the Arabs, the French to the Brits.

Its landscape is renowned for its cacti-spotted hills and peaceful, desert scenery… In fact, it’s so distinctive, it’s often featured in television and film. If you’ve ever seen “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Game of Thrones,” or “By the Sea,” then you’ve already laid eyes on Gozo’s landscape.

If you’re after the party scene or enjoy spending time at the mall, Gozo isn’t for you. The island is rustic, with more outdoor diversion than indoor. The local culture is vibrant, with year-round activities, and the island is safe.

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Gozitans are a fiercely proud bunch who distinguish themselves from the Maltese (i.e., people from mainland Malta). Their culture syncretizes many influences, which probably has something to do with Gozo’s geographic positioning.

This colorful history is reflected in the Maltese language, which borrows from Arabic, Italian, French, and a bit of English. It’s also reflected in the island’s many ruins… Some are so old, they make the pyramids of Egypt look adolescent.

Gozo is only 4.5 kms from Malta, but this slight removal from the mainland has resulted in a much more peaceful environment here. If you’re looking for a community atmosphere shared by expats and locals, proximity to the sea, access to Europe, and a reasonable cost of living, you’ve got to go to Gozo.

This country sits smack-dab in the middle of the Mediterranean. It’s roughly 100 kms south of Italy, 330 kms east of Tunisia, 370 kms north of Libya, and 800 kms west of Greece.

The culture is incredibly vibrant and active. You won’t lack for entertainment or ways to enjoy the best of where you live. International and local festivals, performances, and exhibitions take place year-round… Keeping up with the events calendar might become a full-time job.

Gozo has a population of about 31,000 people; about 1,350 of that number are expats. Most hail from the U.K., but there are also many Italians, Germans, Bulgarians, Swedes, French, and citizens of other EU-member nations.

With only 67 square kms of space to entertain yourself with, there’s a chance that island fever could set in after a few months of living here… What Gozo does offer is a quiet lifestyle surrounded by dramatic landscapes and stunning beaches… A handful of traditional villages scattered around the island provide a community atmosphere steeped in rich history. Good-quality health care and education options make it a good choice for families.

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