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Isla Grande, Panama: The Perfect Island Getaway For The Weekend

Despite the relatively small size of the island, there are enough options to suit a variety of travelers––affordable hostels, somewhat pricey hotels, and houses listed on Airbnb.

The near side of Isla Grande is the site of a rustic Caribbean village. Getting around is only possible on foot because there are no paved roads, and therefore no cars. The only ‘street’ is a narrow sidewalk trail that runs along the beachfront from one end of the island to the other, serving as the main artery for foot traffic.

Towards the center of the village, the walkway is surrounded by rows of houses and lined with numerous bars and fondas (little family owned hole-inthe-wall restaurants) that serve droves of visitors every weekend. On weekdays the village becomes a ghost town as most people return to the mainland to resume their busy lives.

Life on the island is peaceful and everyone knows each other well. Everything runs on ‘island time,’ and no one appears to be stressed out or in a rush. You can easily tell the difference between a local and a tourist simply by observing how fast they are walking…

Situated on Panama’s northern shoreline, Isla Grande is a Caribbean island just off of the coast of a little town called La Guaira in the Colón province. La Guaira is only two hours away from Panama City by car and the island itself is just a stone’s throw away from the docks.

Traveling there is easy compared to other Caribbean destinations because it’s close, the route is straight-forward, and the roads are well-maintained…

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