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Islands of Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the best of the Panama Islands.

This issue provides a rundown on the top islands on which to strand yourself in Panama… be it for the weekend, the winter, or the long haul.

$ 14.95

Panama has over 1,400 islands, and no two are alike. Some are rugged rock formations barely jutting out the ocean surface. Crystal-clear blue water surrounds Panama’s islands in the Caribbean, while murkier water surrounds those closer to the entrance of the Panama Canal. Around some islands, pristine coral reefs lie at knee-deep distance from shore. Most islands are blessed with white-sand beaches, while dense jungle vegetation flourishes on others. Centuries-old towns and modern tourist amenities coexist as neighbors on some islands, while others are totally barren beyond the wildlife—perfect for a secluded island escape.

Given all the choices, choosing the “perfect” island in Panama depends on what you seek. Do you want to remove yourself from civilization and avoid the towns and tourists? Perhaps you would like to relax at an island resort, pampered with luxury. If natural wildlife is what floats your boat, tours and treks are an option, along with fishing, snorkeling, and other water sports and activities.