Kilkenny, Ireland | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report we feature Kilkenny, Ireland.

For the expat or retiree seeking a piece of the old, traditional tranquil Ireland, it’s an area worth exploring.

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One of the most scenic areas here, almost untouched by the modern world, is around the town of Graiguenamanagh (“the village of the monks”) in County Kilkenny. Most of the visitors that are lucky to make it to this outpost do so by river, often on one of the colorful barges that moors along the quayside during the summer months. Quiet as this area is, you’re just under an hour from the bustling, artistic center of Kilkenny Town and its amenities.

Although Irish property prices are starting to rise again, this is one of the slowest areas to recover, and we’ve found a number of attractive properties currently on the market for under US$200,000.