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Las Tablas, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you our top pick for beach living in Panama: Las Tablas.

Located on the Azuero Peninsula, Las Tablas is the first town of note along what is becoming this country’s Gold Coast. The charming city is well-known even beyond Panama for it’s yearly Carnival festival.

$ 14.95

It’ll take you four hours to reach Las Tablas from downtown Panama City. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you travel well-maintained highway door-to-door. The really good news is that, having made the drive, you are greeted by a charming and lively town center, a welcoming local population, and a long-established community of Panamanians and expats who savor their seaside lifestyle.

Here’s the best news: You could join them on a budget of as little as US$1,300 per month.

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