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Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia | Overseas Haven Report

Ljubljana may just be the most fascinating city you can’t pronounce. Walking the streets of this city’s historic center, you may mistake yourself for strolling the rues of Paris… or maybe the avenues of Prague… perhaps even the boulevards of Buenos Aires—Ljubljana is as cosmopolitan as any of them.

Yet Slovenia also offers outdoor adventures in spades: skiing, biking, hiking, golf, mineral spas, lakes for boating, vineyards for touring, caves for exploring, and even a few kilometers of beaches. If you value being able to hit the beach in summer and the slopes in winter, Slovenia provides the best of all worlds.

Slovenia’s natural charm is best experienced in the fairy tale lake and ski resort town of Bled, nestled in the Julian Alps only 20 minutes from Ljubljana. Each city benefits greatly by its proximity to the other; if you live in Ljubljana, Bled is an enchanting and easy escape, and if you live in Bled, you’ve got the capital and all it comes with right at your doorstep. From cosmopolitan historic capital to otherworldly mountain retreat, this report uncovers the irresistible magic of Slovenia.

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