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Marais, Paris, France | Overseas Haven Report

This Overseas Haven Report features one of Kathleen Peddicord’s favorite parts of the world, Paris, and specifically one of the most sought after locales in Paris, the Marais. It’s a location that’s not low cost, for sure, but once you get stuck into Parisian living, (and you’ve survived the sticker-shock of the cost of renting or buying) it’s not as expensive as you may think.

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Some of the reasons for moving to Paris include the history, museums, moonlit walks along the Seine, cheese, wine, and even the baguettes.

In this report, American expat and part-time Marais resident Abby Gordon shares her experience of living in the “City of Lights.” From the restoration of her now beautiful one-bedroom apartment to a typical day in the life of a Parisian, Abby writes about every aspect of living as an expat in one of Paris’ most historic and favorite arrodissements. She covers the history, where to eat out well for less, how to locate other expats, where to shop for everyday goods, how to get about…simply how to make the very most out of living in the Marais in the heart of the City of Lights.

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