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Mazatlán, Mexico | Overseas Haven Report

Mazatlán offers the best beachfront lifestyle you’ll find in Mexico… maybe the best you’ll find anywhere.

It boasts over 10 miles of sandy beaches, which vary from bustling and energetic stretches conveniently near town, to sections of isolated shoreline where you can get away from it all. The beaches are accessible and can be enjoyed from the wide, new boardwalk, which is 5 miles long.

Best of all, both the beach and colonial lifestyles offer countless options for fine dining, quiet coffee shops, energetic and friendly bars… as well as a dynamic and active real estate market.

You can “go local”… or not. Resort areas aside, Mazatlán is a “real” city of almost a half-million people. You can choose to be part of the American and Canadian community, speak mostly English, and ease your way into Mazatlán, aided by people who’ve come before you. Or you can live in an authentic Mexican environment, speak mostly Spanish, enjoy a lower cost of living, and immerse yourself in Mexico’s charming culture.

If you’d enjoy all of this… all within an easy distance from the States and Canada, then Mazatlán could well be right for you.

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Mazatlán is located on the west coast of Mexico’s mainland, about even with the southern tip of Baja California. It sits almost exactly on the Tropic of Cancer. The weather is magnificent during the North American winter, with warm, sunny, dry days and cool nights. You can expect highs in the high-70s to low-80s during the depths of the winter (25°C to 26°C).

One of the biggest benefits of living in Mazatlán is the low cost of living. At today’s favorable exchange rates, prices all over Mexico are a tremendous bargain.

Mazatlán has a large and diverse expat community, and you’ll find them to be friendly and welcoming. Most of the expats are from Western Canada, with the States not far behind. The expat community is not overbearing on the local vibe, and Mazatlán remains primarily a Mexican-national destination.

In Mazatlán, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into annoyances like crime or pickpocketing… and you probably won’t be bothered by corruption. Its status as a tourist destination means customer service standards are high. Even the driving is courteous by Latin American standards.

If you’d enjoy brilliant weather for most of the year… a friendly, welcoming expat community… a beautifully restored Spanish-colonial center… miles of sandy beaches lined by one of the continent’s longest boardwalks… maybe you should give it a visit.

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