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Mexico City, Mexico | Overseas Haven Report

In this Overseas Haven Report, we feature Mexico City, Mexico.

A mythical and modern metropolis founded by an advanced indigenous people, Mexico City is a mesmerizing hub of human civilization. It’s a world capital of art, culture, and anthropology with a rich and fascinating history, an abundance of breathtaking architecture, and astounding gastronomy to boot…

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For many reasons, Mexico City stands alone among major world cities. At once sophisticated and chaotic, traditional and modern, Mexico City is a place of delicious contradictions that has the feel of many cities in one.

One would be hard-pressed to find any other place on earth that at once can match the baroque grandeur of Rome or Vienna… with the romantic canals like those of Venice… and a cuisine on par with Paris… and yet, against all odds, also offers the quiet, small-town charm of Spanish colonial pueblo…

Did I mention the near-perfect year-round weather?

A city this big and diverse has something for everyone… No matter who you are, it’s certain to have something for you as well. Read this report to find out why some 700,000 American expatriates already call “the City of Palaces” home.