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Montreal, Canada | Overseas Haven Report

Montreal is familiar but unique. It’s neither Canadian nor American. After a day around the old town, you might even forget which side of the Atlantic you’re on…

$ 9.95

With hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens threatening to head north with increasing tensions every year, we show you exactly how to do just that…

A European feel, a bilingual country, and a multicultural population—all right here in North America… but far from the reach of the United States.

Montreal has all the things you love about France but without the nine-hour (or longer) flight to get there. It’s a North American city with a European feel. From the Catholic cathedrals, the café culture, and the penchant for strikes and protests, Montreal isn’t like other cities in North America. The history isn’t entirely Canadian and definitely not American, but a unique blend of English, French, and Indigenous. The fleur-de-lis and architecture reminds you of New Orleans, but the food, people, and language reminds you that this is not the Deep South. There are fewer guns. There is socialized medicine. People speak French and eat poutine. There are very few shootings, even fewer health insurance woes, and practically zero English on public signs and billboards.

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