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Morbihan, France | Overseas Haven Report

Our Overseas Haven Report for Morbihan, France, gives you a feel for what life can be like in this alluring part of

This is an ideal place to live for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The coastal and inland walking paths and bike trails, are arguably second to none.

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Morbihan province in south-central Brittany, should be everyone’s to-visit list. It’s an inviting mix of sandy beaches and rocky coastlines, with beautiful islands, an alluring gulf, and enchanting forests. It is also a seafood-lover’s heaven, world renowned for its oyster production.

Winters are mild, rarely dropping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring and fall can bring some rain, but the summers are generally warm and sunny. Morbihan is an amazing place for dining al fresco, moonlight strolls on the beach, and simply basking in the Old World ambiance.

While some ritzy towns in Morbihan boast high real estate prices, most costs, including real estate just a few miles inland, are reasonable—shockingly so compared to Paris. Discovering Morbihan could be the greatest thrill in your life. But don’t wait too long…

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