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Northern Belize | Overseas Haven Report

Once the center of the ancient Maya empire, northern Belize now marks the intersection of laidback Caribbean culture, vibrant jungle, and placid Central American farmland. It’s the type of place where the clock slows on arrival, your retirement savings go further, and where locals are friendly and English-speaking… all just a quick flight from the United States.

Read more about northern Belize—a destination consistently ranked among the world’s best places to retire overseas—in this Overseas Haven Report.

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Life in Northern Belize is as diverse as its amazing landscape. Northern Belize has benefited from its diverse population. Over the years, locals and expats have built their homes and lives beside secluded tropical rivers, amid noble hardwood forests, upon bucolic traditional farms, within sleepy rural villages, and along breezy Caribbean seashores. The new wave of North American expats is now making this discovery. They are attracted to a simple, friendly life in a place that is refreshingly off-the-radar.

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