Panama Canal Zone, Panama City, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you Panama Canal Zone.

This is an area of Panama City that is quite desirable for expats and locals interested in being close to the city, but still enjoy the comforts of owning a home with a backyard and plenty of space.

$ 14.95

Panama’s Ciudad de Saber is a unique zone that, like everywhere in and around the Panamanian capital, is growing fast, attracting ever-more enterprises and entrepreneurs from all around the world. In this City of Knowledge, they all come together each day to work in what might be the world’s only industrial park in a rain forest setting.

Jocelyn Carnegie, our new Panama Letter Editor (and also, coincidentally, the friend with a business of his own based in this investor zone who was kind enough to host Jackson for his recent stage week), tells you more about living and working in Panama’s Ciudad de Saber.