Panama City Beaches Area

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the Panama City Beaches Area.

The Pacific coastal area, just north of Panama City, is where you will find these thriving beach communities, including the towns of Punta Chame, Nueva Gorgona, and Coronado.

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Expats tend to think of Coronado or Gorgona (aka Nuevo Gorgona) when they think of the City Beaches. But, really, the area is the entire stretch of beach starting at Punta Chame in the east and going west to Playa Juan Hombrón near Río Hato.

For years, wealthy Panamanians have been coming to their “city beach house” to get away from the hectic pace of Panama City. The communities of Punta Chame, Nueva Gorgona, Coronado, and scattered private family land holdings have long been weekend escape locations.

The multitude of expats who have arrived in the last decade, or so, has turned the immediate Coronado area into a Little America. Strip malls resemble those found Stateside, restaurants are often gringo-run, stores are big, shiny, and new, and English can be heard as often as Spanish when walking the aisles. This is the area that most people refer to when discussing the City Beaches… But there’s more to be had than this well-worn path…