Panama City Beaches Area

The area between Punta Chame and Rio Hato are known as the arco seco, or the dry arc.

What’s so special about the arco seco? While many areas of Panama get 100 inches of annual rain, the arco seco gets below 55 inches. This gives the beaches in this area better weather and sunnier days.

Coronado is at the center of the area that spans Punta Chame and Rio Hato. It was among Panama’s first resort developments and remains an area of high interest for expats, tourism, and vacationers. The cultural mix here includes Panamanians and expats from the Americas, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.

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Cost of living in the arco seco area varies, and while it may not boast the absolute lowest cost of living for expats, this area does provide affordable options and attractive price points for upscale living at beachfront resorts and in custom homes.

Social life here includes expat happy hours, church groups, volunteer groups, trivia nights, boot camp workout groups, movie nights, hiking, and more.

The area’s economy is largely driven by tourism. The beaches between Punta Chame and Rio Hato are a big part of the attraction. Many of the beaches spanning the arco seco are lined with beachfront resorts. Although less manicured than a beach you’d find at a five-star Westin Resort in Hawaii, every beach between Punta Chame and Río Hato has its own personality.