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Panama City’s Path of Progress

Since being handed control of the canal from the United States, Panama has blazed a trail of economic advancement and prosperity, a course it’s still on today. The results are plain to see: a recently expanded canal, skyscrapers left and right (and new ones being built), and additional lines for the city metro system getting established…

Panama is synonymous with growth and is well on the way to achieving its goal of becoming the logistics and transportation hub par excellence for the region.

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To uncover which direction Panama City will be growing next, go east, young man, where all along the Corredor Sur toll road between downtown and the Tocumen International Airport, the last remaining open spaces for development within the city proper are slowly being transformed into a vast logistics center, replete with American-style residential projects, world-class recreation facilities, and expat amenities to support the workers who are driving this sector forward.

With all the international attention this small country has been justifiably receiving in terms of investment, infrastructure, and finance for the past several decades, Panama will soon be riding into the sunset of its own bright future…

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