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Panama’s Great Outdoors: A Local’s Guide

El Valle de Antón is a well-known getaway to Panamanians and foreigners alike. You’ll find several hiking trails here for different levels. Cerro Cara Iguana and Cerro La Silla are two beginner level hikes to try.

Cerro Trinidad in Capira is considered to be an intermediate level hike. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the top. The entire path is through the forest, and it’s a steep hike.

More experienced hikers (or anyone up for a challenge) can try Tife Waterfalls in Coclé. This hike is two days long, but it’s best enjoyed if you take your time and spend three days.

Hiking is not the only outdoors recreational activity to do, though. The San Blas Islands in the Caribbean, whale watching at Coiba, and visiting the mountain town of Boquete are only a few of the things you could do…

Panama has many hiking trails for you to explore. Some trails require you train beforehand, while others you can do without any training at all. Some you can even use for training purposes. No matter what your level of experience with outdoors, though, don’t venture out into the forests of Panama without a guide…

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