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Panama’s Top 14 Retirement Destinations

It depends on your point of view. If you feel at home surrounded by decaying grandeur and crumbling pastel facades, then Casco Viejo could be the perfect Panama City neighborhood to base yourself in for retirement.

El Cangrejo is home to a fast-growing community of expats and foreign retirees who recognize and appreciate the unique quality of life on offer on what is arguably the most comfortable, convenient, and affordable downtown Panama City experience.

Santiago is the bustling capital and the commercial and political center of the Veraguas province, as well as the transportation hub for Central Panama. It is also a university town renowned for training the future teachers of Panama.

If highlands living is what you’re after, take a look Santa Fe of Veraguas Province—an unassuming, unsung town of about 3,000 people—comparable to popular Boquete but at a fraction of the price. In fact, this is one of the most affordable parts of the country.

The province of David is famous for its agricultural production, particularly its cattle. This is a middle-class town built on farming, feels like a down to earth, straightforward kind of a place. If your interest includes any investment agenda, this part of the country should have your attention.

Come to Panama, explore the city, get a feel for the countryside and coastal areas.

What we love about Panama is the sheer diversity of lifestyle options the country has to offer… from First-World city living to absolutely off-grid ruggedness, from rustic country living to upscale beach communities… this country has something to suit just about everyone…

Here’s an overview of our top 14 destinations to consider retiring to in Panama.

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