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Paxos, Greece | Overseas Haven Report

At only 10 kms long and about 3 kms wide, Paxos, an island off of Greece’s northwest coast, truly qualifies as tiny… Despite its small size, it boasts a wide selection of high-quality restaurants and bars scattered across the handful of colorful villages. The island’s peaks and valleys are heavily forested with olive trees, Mediterranean cypresses, and evergreens. Exploring on foot or motorbike (or bicycle if you don’t mind the hills) is the best way to discover the many hidden coves of cerulean waters and white-pebble beaches.

The real appeal of Paxos for many expats is the boating lifestyle that it affords… whether it’s island-hopping on a simple motorboat or cruising around on a luxury vessel to see and be seen. Paxos lends itself well to the high-end lifestyle, if that’s what you’re after… But it’s also traditional at its core, with Greek cultural values—family, hospitality, religion, and so on—felt strongly. Discover Paxos in this Overseas Haven Report.

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