The Pearl Islands, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you Panama’s Pearl Islands.

The islands—the uninhabited ones, at least—are coated in a blanket of thick tropical marine forest with some areas of rare mangrove. This forest, together with rugged topography, cliffs, and rocky headlands, gives the islands a Jurassic Park feel. Innumerable sea birds wheel and dive around the cliffs, and dense tropical foliage hangs over the water, creating a wall of green that encases the beaches.

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Panama likes to do things in symmetry, and there are two archipelagos for each of the country’s seemingly endless coasts. They boast more than 1,650 islands.  However, in this report, again, we are concerned only with the Pearl Islands and their 200 rocks, islets, islands, reefs, and 83 beaches.

It takes a very particular kind of person to live on an island, so we investigate how you might achieve your own idyllic tropical island life in Las Perlas

Las Islas Perlas (the Pearl Islands) offer an island lifestyle paradise that would remind you of the Virgin Islands in the 1970’s, before they became crowded with people, commerce, and high rises.

Here you will find the best beaches closest to Panama City, along with some of the best fishing in the country on the Pacific side. To make it even more perfect, the weather is beautiful and always consistent.

There are over 200 islands forming the archipelago, many uninhabited, with Saboga and Contadora the most developed and residential. Each island has a different culture, and none will remind you of a typical vacation destination… you will know you are someplace special.