Las Perlas: A Natural Gated Community Off Panama’s Pacific Coast

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you Panama’s Pearl Islands.

The islands—the uninhabited ones, at least—are coated in a blanket of thick tropical marine forest with some areas of rare mangrove. This forest, together with rugged topography, cliffs, and rocky headlands, gives the islands a Jurassic Park feel. Innumerable sea birds wheel and dive around the cliffs, and dense tropical foliage hangs over the water, creating a wall of green that encases the beaches.

$ 14.95

Las Perlas offers an island lifestyle reminiscent of the Virgin Islands back in the 70s, before those islands became over-priced and crowded with people, commerce, and high-rises…

This string of islands has the best beaches and fishing, plus consistently perfect weather, within easy reach of Panama City. But each island in this 200-plus-island archipelago has a different culture, and none will remind you of a typical vacation destination… that’s how you know you’re someplace special.

Discover Las Perlas with this Panama Special Report.