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Pedasí, Panama

Considered by many as the heartland of Panama, Azuero is home to more traditional Panamanian culture and folklore than any other area. The east coast of the Peninsula is dotted with quaint Panamanian villages steeped in vernacular history, pastoral folklore, and traditions, all held in the cradle of nature.

Getting around town is pretty easy. Bicycles are an important part of the transportation system. You see them everywhere. In Pedasí you could easily get by without a car. Sure, if you plan to head out of town often or want to shoot into the big city from time to time to pick up supplies, a car would be useful, but getting around the village can be done easily on foot or by bicycle. In fact, some locals still travel by horseback.

Farms, or fincas, make up a large part of the area around Pedasí. The road leading into and away from town is lined with farmland. Pedasí is home to a milk factory, and grows fruits and vegetable such as mangoes, rice, and corn. If you have an interest in farming your land, this is a great place to do it.

Pedasí is situated in the province of Los Santos, on the south-eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula. The capital of the province is Las Tablas. The beaches surrounding Pedasí have become a lure to capital from around the world. People are buying tracts of land and lots, and are building and relocating to the equivalent of their vision of pristine paradise.

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