Pedasí, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the tranquil town of Pedasi.

In a golden corner of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula sits the town of Pedasi, often considered one of Panama’s most authentic and charming small towns. It’s a town with a village atmosphere—large enough to feel like you can live there, yet small enough to make you feel like an active stakeholder in a thriving community. Idyllic beaches of golden sand and fascinating rocky outcrops hold rock pools full of tropical life.

$ 14.95

If you are looking for thumping nightlife and year- round parties, Pedasi is not for you. But as a wholesome place to bring up children, invest, retire, or go as a holiday destination, you won’t find a more authentic and genuine place in Panama.

Pedasi is located in Panama’s Los Santos Province, near another top destination, Las Tablas.