Porto, Portugal | Portugal Special Report

When a region and a wine share the same name, you can imagine the passion involved in the product…

The history of this fabulous city—the second-most prominent in Portugal—is closer to that of an ensemble of small villages, its landscape formed by generations of seafaring and trade.

Some of the oldest parts of the city are being totally revamped, so it’s common to see infrastructure works underway as you walk the streets these days…

Although shrouded in resident fog that contrasts with the colorful people that live here, the gloom adds a sense of charm and mystery while simultaneously illuminating the city… it adds personality and creates harmony among the many villages that compose it.

With a broad mix of cultures and styles that can be seen from one street to another, it’s no surprise people have a strong sense of belonging to this special little piece of coastline.

Globally known for its exquisite port wine and surrounded by the enchanting Douro Valley (with a population of roughly 240,000 in the metropolitan area), this is Porto, Portugal.

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