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Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama

In this Panama Special Report, we bring you the luxurious Punta Pacifica, Panama City’s most exclusive (and expensive) neighborhood.

Home to some of Panama’s wealthy elite, Punta Pacifica is a signal of class even beyond the country’s borders. But don’t let that scare you away, this neighborhood can present enormous opportunities as a lifestyle or investment option, if you’re willing to overlook the price tag.

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We report often on the best places in Panama to retire well on little as little as US$1,000 a month or even less. With that budget, you’d be enjoying a good but simple life, living more like a local than an expat. On the other hand, Panama is also a place where you can enjoy what could be described as a luxury lifestyle, the kind of life you could embrace in Manhattan or London, Miami or Dubai. The “penthouse life” you might call it, complete with two-story waterfront penthouses in buildings with saunas, spas, massage rooms, squash courts, and 24-hour concierge doormen and supported by five-star restaurants, trendy bars, and international-brand shopping (Tiffany, Hermes, Cartier, Rolex, etc.) nearby.

In Panama City, such a lifestyle is on offer in Punta Pacifica. Luxury, of course, comes at a cost. Punta Pacifica is the most expensive living option in all Panama. Per-square-meter sales prices average US$2,000. Penthouses rent for US$5,000, US$8,000, and more a month. Monthly condo fees can add another US$500 to US$1,000 monthly. A couple of drinks in the Trump Tower bar can set you back US$20. However, comparable digs in comparable buildings with water views in Manhattan or London? They’d cost you multiples of what you’ll spend in Punta Pacifica.