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Roatán, Honduras | Overseas Haven Report

This Overseas Haven Report features the Caribbean island of Roatan, one of the Bay Islands just off the coast of Honduras.

It’s a small island but it packs a punch when it comes to things to do, especially if your main interests are water related. (The island was recently ranked “Best Dive Site” by Scuba Diving Magazine.) The blend of nations that has formed this island’s population makes for an easy transition to overseas retirement.

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There’s is so much that makes expat-living in Roatan so easy…

Though Spanish is the language of Honduras, English is the language of the Bay Islands; the lempira is the national currency but U.S. dollars are widely used and accepted; and when it comes to buying property, Roatan is one of the few Latin American locations with a multi-listing system and agents’ association…just like in the United States.

The author of this report, Janine, is a property expert with many years’ experience. She’s lived on the island for 15 years and knows every twist and turn of its 40 by 5 miles. If Caribbean island living is on your agenda, dive in to our Roatan Overseas Haven Report today!

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